Monday, January 30, 2006

Playing a Part

I remember when I first got a glimpse of what I really looked like. It was a huge shock. I expected to look like the most beautiful woman ever. I was beautiful alright, but not in the human definition. I was light.

The thing is I've seen myself in different ways. I've seen myself as tiny diamantes flickering like a Christmas light.

I've also seen myself as this purple mass. I once woke up in deep sleep to find this purple entity around me. Then the purple hand reached out and touched my shoulder. That made me jump. It was then I realised that purple entity was me.

What about the human idea of beauty? Who's going to fancy me when I look like purple light?

How am I going to enjoy a long stroll on the beach when I'm just light?

I know, I'll get myself a part in a play, pronto. How about a part as a human? I'd better get myself an agent. I also need an equity card. Now that I've got my card, I'm sorted.

Let the fun begin!