Monday, January 30, 2006

Wind-Up Merchant

As I was walking home yesterday I felt wind in my face. It felt bitterly cold.

Hang on a minute. Given that I don't just have a face, there's the rest of my body as well, if this wind was real I would have felt it on my back, around my ears, my head, the bottom of my feet. Sorry wind, I'm not impressed. If you are really who you say you are, you either affect the all of me, or you're just trying to wind me up. Nice try though.

Imagine if one applies this way of seeing to pain. You feel your right arm aching. Only if you see yourself as just your arm does it make sense. When you feel your body in its entirety, you know that the pain is not real as such. If the pain was real, your entire body would ache.

I am not a part, I am the totality of being.

I am light.