Thursday, February 09, 2006

All is Love

"Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color. It is Love which paints the petal with myriad hues, glances in the warm sunbeam, arches the cloud with the bow of beauty, blazons the night with starry gems, and covers earth with loveliness. The embellishments of the person are poor substitutes for the charms of being, shining resplendent and eternal over age and decay." Science & Health: 247: 21-30
An artist has an idea of what he would like to paint. Also included in his inspiration are the colours and style of the painting. When an artist has it in mind that he is painting trees, the end result is trees, not a horse or a car.

Love is both the idea behind the universe and the designer of the universe. Thus, every moment of creation is inspired by and unfolded by Love.

Love doesn't hurt; Love can only love.

If the universe has been inspired and designed by Love, how come there appears to be so much hate and destruction in the world?

I believe when you leave Love out of the equation, you're like an artist that has been inspired to paint one thing but ends up painting something entirely different. Why? Because something is distracting the artist to paint something different. It is this something that makes people act with rage and hurt those who they are supposed to love.

I am not concerned here by what is distracting the artist. I only know that the Real universe that has been designed by Love exists now. To make this universe real for you, you have to realise Love is present; and live with the realisation that Love is the substance of all there is.

It is Love that is having life. Since it is Love having life, everything we do is done with and by Love.

I see with Love.
I hear with Love.
I smell with Love.
I taste with Love.
I feel and sense with Love.
I live with and by Love.
This article is written by Love and with Love.

When I live with the realisation that Love is all there is, the counterfeit version of the universe gives way to the Real universe. And Life unfolds the way life was designed to unfold.

Love is all there is.


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