Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do Angels Exist?

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." (Psalm 91: 11-12)
Do angels exist? Well, it depends on one's belief.

I believe in a God that is Love, Purity, Goodness, Truth and Light. There is nothing but God. Thus, God is the only one expressing self in the visible and invisible realms. Since there is only God, what we call angels are God appearing as "angels."

Consider the following:

"During World War II, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and the rest of the crew of the B-17 in which he was flying ran out of fuel and "ditched" in the Pacific Ocean. For weeks nothing was heard of him. The newspapers reported his disappearance and across the country thousands of people prayed. Mayor LaGuardia asked the whole city of New York to pray for him. Then he returned. The Sunday papers headlined the news, and in an article, Captain Rickenbacker himself told what had happened. 'And this part I would hesitate to tell,' he wrote, 'except that there were six witnesses who saw it with me. A gull came out of nowhere, and lighted on my head - I reached up my hand very gently - I killed him and then we divided him equally among us. We ate every bit, even the little bones. Nothing ever tasted so good.' The gull saved the lives of Rickenbacker and his companions. Years later I asked him to tell me the story personally, because it was through this experience that he came to know Christ. He said, 'I have no explanation except that God sent one of His angels to rescue us.'" (Angels: God's Secret Agents, Billy Graham, p.17)
As you can see in this story, God made Himself appear as the very experience the captain and his crew needed to survive.

Some might argue that if God is love, why would He appear as a bird that needed to be killed? God doesn't judge according to human standards. God appeared according to the men's beliefs. Besides, God is life and life is eternal. Death is but a dream. So it's no big deal for God to make Himself appear as a bird that one could have as food. One cannot harm reality.

If the men were open, they could have received food manifested from thin air without worrying about cooking. How many people are open to this kind of reality?

As for the angels in this story, I would say they were the thousands of people praying for the captain and his crew, and the gull who fed the crew. In other words, God was playing all the roles.

Do angels exist?

Sure they exist. God is an angel.

With love,

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