Saturday, February 18, 2006

Effortless Living

While I was working on an earlier piece I found it wasn't coming together. It didn't feel right; I believe I was thinking too much. I decided to leave it alone.

I got on a bus and headed into town hoping to stop off at a library to finish the piece if I felt like it. I also relaxed and stayed in my joy and enjoyed the journey. A man beside asked me if the bus was going into central London. I asked him where he was headed and he said Kensington. I told him he had to change to another route and I would let him know when we get there.

The man soon got impatient and said there were too many stops. I told him bus journeys are good when you're not in a rush, but if he is in a hurry he would be better off getting the tube (underground). When we approached the nearest underground he was going to get off but I suggested that he stay on till the next bus stop. The bus drove by the tube station. Ooops! Maybe he should have got off the last stop, I thought. When we approached the next stop the man said he was going to stay on the bus as he needed to get to a bank. I told him there were lots of banks two stops down close to another tube station that would be convenient for him. This is what he did. It all worked out perfectly.

What I appreciated about my friend on the bus was he knew exactly what was right for him and asked till he got just that.

Last night on my way home on the bus, I didn't feel like going all the way to the nearest bus station to catch my next bus from there. I preferred to get off and catch another one. I didn't want to wait for my next one either. In thought I said: "God, it would be so nice if when we arrive at that intersection, you let the other bus appear. But I want you to keep it stuck on the traffic light so it will give this bus enough time to turn into the road and arrive at the next bus so I can catch the one behind. Thanks." I knew the thought was the thing itself and it was done; so I released the thought and enjoyed the journey

When we arrived at the intersection I saw my next bus approaching the traffic light. Two boys sitting behind me also got up. I could see they also wanted to catch the same bus. One boy said "No!" as if he was willing the traffic light to stay on red. I already knew what was going to happen. The bus I was on went through the traffic light and we arrived at the next bus stop giving us time to get off the bus and wait for the next one behind.

Sometimes when you ask for something and get it wrong, there are plenty of opportunities to put things right.

I met a friend the other day whom I haven't seen in a while. She told me she was moving to a new house even though she's only been in her current accommodation for four months. She said when she first saw her current house, she had misgivings about it; her inner voice told her not to sign a year's contract but she didn't listen. Then everything started going wrong with the plumbing and stuff. After she'd been living there for a few months she wanted to leave but she was scared her landlord was going to demand a whole year's rent in lieu which she couldn't afford. She wrote to her landlord listing everything that was wrong. She soon got a response from her landlord giving her two month's notice to quit. She believed he was a bit miffed that she was complaining all the time. She managed to negotiate to leave a month early.

As for her new accommodation, it was effortless. She said one day one of her work colleagues told her he was leaving his flat; was she interested in taking over the lease? She said yes. He also told her he had stuff in storage, did she want to share the storage? She said yes. It turns out the house is perfect for her. All she has to do now is pack her stuff, put what she doesn't need in storage, give the rest away, and notify her friends of her new address. Well, she doesn't need to worry about me any more as the Universe arranged for us to meet up so she could tell me in person; (see In Perfect Oneness).

Life is meant to be effortless. All we need to do is ask. There are times when we have to fine tune our ideas until we get exactly what we wish to experience. Even when we make mistakes we can ask to be released from our "mistakes" and it is granted.

With a little help from my friends I now have the perfect story which is completely different from the one I had in mind. I feel so much better

Life is effortless.

With love,