Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hold that Bus!

On my way home last night I got on the first bus that arrived which was only going part of my journey. I turned round and saw the bus I really wanted was right behind. Should I get off and catch it or not? I can't be bothered. The bus I wanted overtook my bus. There's no rush, besides, buses are two a penny in London.

I finally arrived at the stop where I was meant to change to the next bus. I saw the bus I wanted in front of us. "God," I said in thought, "hold that bus!" By the time I got off the bus I was on to catch the one in front the driver had already closed the doors. I noticed another passenger was banging on the door for the driver to let him in. The driver opened the door and I made a quick dash and got on behind the passenger. Result!

While we were approaching the last stop, I saw my next bus approaching. I wanted the traffic light to stay on green so the bus I was on would arrive at the next bus stop before the bus I wanted that was fast approaching. The traffic light turned red and the bus I wanted got in front of us and drove off. Oh well, no hurry, I can always wait for the next bus. When we arrived at the next bus stop, the bus I wanted was still there but the doors were closed. In thought I said "God, hold that bus!" The driver opened the door and came out to adjust the rear view mirror, which gave me the opportunity to get on board. Another result!

As we were approaching the local bus station I saw my local bus behind us. Normally I would walk which is only about 10 minutes but I thought it would be nice to have the ride for a change. "God, hold that bus so it doesn't overtake us." The bus I was in stopped and parked in such a way that it blocked the way so the one behind couldn't get through, which gave me time to walk to the next bus stop and wait for the bus I wanted. Result!

It's official; God is a bus.

Enjoy your journey.

Love Enocia