Saturday, February 11, 2006

How to Bring Out the Love that is Present

Have you ever met someone, or do you know someone, who brings out the best in you? You feel happy around such an individual; or you feel inspired, loved, appreciated, joyful, peaceful, happy, alive etc.

Actually, it is not what the other is doing but what you are being. The Love that the other is being that is inspiring you is the same Love that you are. The other is simply helping you be your real self.

I believe it is possible to consciously bring out the Love that is always present.

First, I recognise that all things and all life, no matter how they appear, are Love in manifestation. For instance, this computer I'm working on is Love appearing as a computer.

Next, I feel the thing being Love. The best way I achieve this is through my imagination. I imagine the computer, for instance, beaming out love to me in his own unique way.

Third, when someone or a form is being Love, he is expressing his true purpose; just like a computer expressing Love is working perfectly.

There is a man I've seen in the library who comes to use the Internet. Sometimes when he's finished he would stand in a corner and glower at people, which some people find intimidating. He also talks to himself. The librarians have advised people to ignore him and when people pay him no attention he usually leaves. Yesterday, he stood behind me while I was working. I decided to bring out the Love in him so while he was glowering and talking to himself, I imagined him beaming Love at me, which is the truth as there is only Love. It didn't matter to me how long he stood behind me as I knew I was in Love's presence. Though he continued talking to himself, I could only feel Love.

It's mind-boggling to think about how much love there is in the universe. Every moment I am being loved by people, animals, nature, and stuff. Every moment I am in Love's presence.

When I imagine being loved by everything and all life, I'm helping everyone be the One True Self - Love; in their own unique ways.

We don't need more love, we just need to bring out the Love that is already present.

With love,

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