Friday, February 17, 2006

I am Always Channelling

In a previous article, In Perfect Oneness, I discussed how each time I look at something or someone it is not I seeing but the person or thing seeing through me. This means every moment an aspect of the Infinite Universe is seeking expression through me. When I am willing to let that aspect express through me, I am channelling.

When I think of someone and feel either love, anger or fear it's because I am channelling the personality aspect of the individual that I may have issues with. To avoid channelling personalities I prefer thinking of attributes of God which I believe to be love, peace, joy, wisdom, freedom, beauty etc. So that's what I end up channelling and what is expressed through me in a human form.

I like to think that whenever someone thinks of me, what they end up channelling is not a personality aspect of me but the Love that I am.

There is no need for me to sit in a trance to channel. Channelling is how one expresses life.

Happy channelling!

Love Enocia

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