Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Perfect Oneness

"Divine Love always has met, and always will meet, every human need." Mary Baker Eddy

"You will always receive help within a second of a prayer. To recognize the help, you must see everything in your life from that second on as a part of the answer to your prayer." (Invisible Acts of Power, by Caroline Myss p.58)
All is One. All is the Universe in manifestation. The Universe supports all needs perfectly; I only need to trust in Her ways.

For the last three weeks or so I've had the idea to experience art. I thought of going to the Royal Academy of Arts but the idea didn't appeal to me. I find art galleries overwhelming; I can only take in little doses at a time. I still had it at the back of my mind that sooner or later I was going to visit a gallery.

Two days ago while I was travelling on the bus, I looked out at the traffic. I was aware of everything having consciousness. I realised that when I look at someone, for instance, it is not me looking at the person but the person looking at me. Whatever my attention is drawn to is seeking expression through me at that moment, provided I want to play the game. Thus, if I have an idea to do something it is the thing that is seeking expression. This means the idea of the thing comes as a complete package; all I need to do is say yes and watch it unfold in my life.

Yesterday I had an idea to go for a walk in Richmond Park. Richmond is the other side of where I live and it takes about three hours by bus to get there but I knew the journey was part of the fun. As the bus I was in drove through the city, I noticed spires of buildings I hadn't seen before. Maybe it was more like I hadn't allowed these buildings to be expressed through me in this way. It felt like I was seeing London for the first time.

When I finally arrived at Richmond, I headed off to the local library to check my emails and respond to messages. I also read the newspapers for an hour or so. I decided I didn't feel like going for a walk after all. How odd that I've come all this way to enjoy a walk and no longer feel like doing it. On my way out of the library I decided to rest on the sofa outside the door. It was the first time I'd ever sat on that sofa. I picked up a flyer on the table which was about meeting the new head librarian. Why would I be interested in that meeting? Why am I sitting here anyway? Suddenly, a woman came out of the door in front of me. I wondered where she was coming from. A few minutes later another man came out of the same door. Curious. What's through that door? I got up to explore. I saw a sign for the local museum. That's interesting, I never realised they had a museum in this building. On the top floor was a tiny museum. Wonders of wonders! The museum had an exhibition depicting some of JMW Turner's paintings of the local area. I happen to love Turner's work. There were also a few paintings of Richmond Park; I got to experience the park after all, albeit through the eyes of Turner. How cool is that?

As for the rest of the museum, it mostly had artefacts of King Henry VIII's Richmond Palace. On one side was a collection of Valentine's cards. It was lovely to explore the various ways people express their love for one another.

Later, I stopped off at a bookshop to browse. I was drawn to a book by Gregg Braden called "Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer." There weren't any seats available on the floor at the time. I went looking for one on other floors but they were all occupied. I had a thought that if it is true that this book wants to express through me now, it must come with a chair for me to sit on otherwise I'm leaving. I returned to the floor where I had found the book. A man sitting in a chair looked up at me. I figured he was trying to tell me something so I decided to hang around for a few minutes. After a minute or so, the man got up and left and I got my comfy chair. It was definitely worth a read; some of Braden's ideas about prayer matches my beliefs.

When I came out of the bookshop I saw my bus arriving but I was on the other side of the road. I thought to myself, if that is the bus I'm meant to get home then the Universe will not let me miss it. A taxi driver stopped his car for me to cross over and I caught the bus in the nick of time.

Incidentally, while I was working on this piece in the library, a friend whom I haven't seen in months arrived. We always seem to meet up when we need to. The last time I saw her she invited me to her calligraphy exhibition. She is actually one of a few people I know who understands my perspective of the Universe meeting our needs perfectly. I knew there had to be a reason why she was appearing now. I was definitely willing to have her express through me. After she had finished checking her emails, I took a break from writing this piece and she took me to a local cafe for a drink. She told me the address I have for her is no longer valid as she is about to move. Aha! That's why we've met. We discussed what we've both been up to. I shared with her ideas about how the Universe meets one's needs perfectly. She said I had shared with her exactly what she needed to hear. It was lovely to see her again.

To recap, all is the One Universe. Whenever something catches my attention, it is an aspect of the Universe that wishes to express through me provided of course I am willing. Whatever seeks expression comes with everything needed to have the experience, and I mean everything. As you can see, art finally got expressed as my trip to Richmond. This included the buses I needed to get there, my bus ticket, having perfect health, and following my intuition.

The stories in this blog are my experiences of the Universe expressing self.
Life is the Universe expressing self.

I love the Universe.
I love life.


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