Friday, February 03, 2006

The Law of One

I'm sure many of us have bought into the beliefs that we have to compete for very limited resources on earth from employment to food, shelter, water, transportation, money, etc. Is this really true?

That depends on how you see yourself: as a human trapped in time and space trying to survive on earth; or the one infinite Spirit expressing self.

When you realise there is only one Self that is expressed in all this means that in a human sense all that is good for one is always good for all.

When you hear about someone being miraculously healed, don't think of the healing as something that's separate from you, claim it as yours. Why? Because it happened to you too. There is only one.

When you hear about someone who has come into good fortune, don't think of his good fortune as separate from you, claim it as yours because it is also your good fortune. There is only one.

Another's joy is your joy.

When you pray for something for yourself you are praying for the all to be blessed.

As humans we are not clones. Naturally, if someone gets a particular model of car, you may not necessarily want the same model of car. Your car will obviously come to you in a model you prefer.

The bottom line is we are one.

What is good for one is always good for all.

With love,