Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Mighty Us

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." (Genesis 1: 26)
Who is the "us" in this statement? The Us is the all and the all is God. Thus, each of us is part of the collective Us. Sometimes the Us is referred to as the One, the All, or the Source, but it means the same thing. The Us is God. We are the Us. Together We unfold and continue to unfold ideas that already exist in the formless state into forms.

I love watching the sci-fi television series, Star Trek, about a crew whose mission is to explore life in the universe but not get involved in local affairs. One of the most destructive species the crew has ever encountered is the The Borg. The Borg have got a hive mind and act with one intent - assimilation.

"A massive society of cybernetic automatons abducted and assimilated from thousands of species, the Borg Collective is intent on achieving "perfection" by spreading its influence into every corner of space, consuming technologies and individuals without conscience, obliterating entire civilizations in its wake."
The star ship crew is composed of a variety of humanoid species who also operate with one intent, which is to explore the universe. The crew also appreciate people's individuality and do not wish to be assimilated into the Borg collective. They do all they can to avoid confrontation with the Borg.

Similarly, humans don't like being part of a collective because they fear the loss of individuality. The irony is that's exactly what is happening where people are being brain-washed with various beliefs passing off as useful information, so people can think and act the same way.

The Us is a collective consciousness and it is one I love being part of because it is my real self. The intent of the Us is to express joy and be love but not in a unified way, where we all think and act the same, but to express our unique flavours. What do I mean by flavour?

While I love water, I prefer to have it with a fruit concentrate like Vimto, which is my favourite drink at the moment. Let's say water represents the Infinite Us. What makes each of us unique is our flavours or how we express water. Let's say the attributes of the Us include love, peace, joy, wisdom, and freedom, each of us expresses the totality of the Us in our own unique ways. You could say that the Us is the sum total of all our unique flavours and then some.

As the Mighty Us, life is rich and filled with wonder. I don't worry about being alone because I know in every moment I am the Us and the Us is in me. Every step I take is the Us. Every action is the Us.

All the stories I write originate in the Us but are expressed in my own unique way. In other words, ideas come from my experience, from observing other people, or they pop in my head as ideas provided by the Us. I then sit on a chair inspired by the Us; in front of a computer created by the Us; I work through a body quickened by the Us; using words inspired by the Us; and post these writings on the Internet created by the Us.

As the Us, my needs are met through limitless channels. For instance, the other day while I was working in the library I felt like having a bar of chocolate. Just as I was leaving the library I got talking to another lady, a journalist, who often uses the library. She asked me where I was going and I said I was going browsing at a bookshop in town. She said she had some books with her she wanted to return to the shop I had in mind. We decided to travel together. On the way my friend asked me if I fancied some chocolate. I said yes. She bought me exactly what I had been thinking of. We had fun together.

That's life as the Mighty Us. You never know through whom or in what way the Mighty Us will be expressed.

I am the Mighty Us being expressed as Enocia.
I love being the Mighty Us.