Friday, February 24, 2006

My Book of Life

All human thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and deeds exist as a thought-form that keeps expanding as more beliefs are added to it, or as people focus on the thought-form. Some have called this thought-form the Akashic Records or Book of Life. The advantage of this thought-form is you can choose any part of it you wish to experience since it already exists in memory. When I have a new belief, this means I have simply connected to that aspect of the thought-form or Akashic Records. When I allow the belief to express through me, I am attracted to books, experiences or people of like-minds for however long I hold that belief.

The disadvantage of the thought-form is without focus or discipline one can attract the whole gamut of conflicting beliefs that could manifest as waves of feelings, emotions and physical sensations. These can make one feel happy one minute and sad the next; feel love and hate; healthy one minute and in pain the next...etc.

Even when I focus on God, I have to be careful what idea of God is expressed through me as the Akashic Records holds many and often conflicting beliefs about God. I could express someone like Jesus' ideas of God but the ideas held on record are not consistent; besides, I would still be expressing someone else's idea of God.

One day I realise there is more to life than having up and down emotions. There's more to life than following someone's beliefs, or spouting off another's ideas. I want to express the real me. Freedom, in my view, is being my real self. This reminds me of a story a friend told me a while back. He saw a little girl spinning round and round repeating: "I've got to be me, I've got to be me!" My friend thought the girl was a complete genius.

Wanting to be myself was the easy part. How to stay focused on being my real self and not being drawn to the collective consciousness/Akashic Records out of habit is the challenge. Focusing on my real self means trusting in my feelings, ideas and experiences.

For me, the spiritual path is about reverse conditioning, i.e. learning to trust in myself rather than what I had been programmed to believe life is. As I express my real self I create new experiences, which became my own Book of Life. My Book of Life contains evidence of when I am trusting in myself and the feelings evoked thereof. I also have on record experiences where I haven't trusted in myself, which are useful reminders to trust in myself.

Another thing that is wonderful about having my own Book of Life is that I don't have to buy into the beliefs of the collective. I know that Grace is part of my Book of Life, which means that I don't expect to be judged, nor do I judge myself. I totally accept all of my experiences, "good" or "bad" unconditionally; and I expect to have "mistakes" erased and not held against me.

Of course, I am always free to access the Akashic Records of the Collective only when those ideas and experiences add value to my life.

The stories on my blogs are my Book of Life records of my experiences and feelings. It doesn't matter if I've only had the experience once; I still have it in memory. All I have to do is recall the experience and let the feelings express when I need access to them that I can use to experience another reality.

This morning I woke up and felt pain in my hips. I could either go through the process of relaxing my whole body, which I wrote about in the article, The Power Within; or I could just access that memory in my Book of Life. This is what I did. I recalled the memory of that event and the peace I felt. In seconds I felt immense peace and I felt better. I got up and felt bags of energy.

I love being me.
I trust in myself.