Saturday, February 25, 2006

No Judgments

I have read many accounts of near-death experiences (NDE). In a lot of them, NDE-ers claim they experience a life-review. People having life reviews are shown how they have lived and the mistakes they've made. Some feel remorse over missed opportunities. NDE-ers realise that love is the purpose of life. They return to their human lives completely transformed and apply what they have learned in their NDEs.

Hmmm! Why would a God who has given us freewill want us to feel guilty for making mistakes, when that is part of the package of being human? I believe people having NDEs are projecting their beliefs of right and wrong and of judgment. Like a dream they are creating what it feels like to be in error. Some even create entities who sit on a panel reviewing their human lives, though these entities are described as loving and non-judgmental.

It would be interesting to read NDEs about people who already know that they are innocent and accept all that they are. I doubt if they would have such an experience. I know that you don't have to "die" to experience different realities. Just have the intent and you're there. I have had many incredible adventures in the inner realm.

At home, at least my perception of it, there are no judgments. No one asks me why I haven't loved as I should have. I am supported unconditionally. I guess it's because my home is a reflection of my beliefs that life is about having experiences; and that I accept all my experiences, and don't expect anything to be held against me.

Then again, I accept NDE life reviews as another way of expressing life. Each to their own.

Life is without judgments and without conditions.
Life is a continuous state of Grace.

With love,

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