Monday, February 20, 2006


One that serves as a pattern or model.

A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline. Definitions of "Paradigm"
I have been watching the reality TV show, American Idol. In the last show the judges chose the Final 24 contestants. I was curious to find out about them so I logged on to the website. I noticed that when the contestants were asked if they had any rituals before performing, majority of them said they prayed. When each contestant was asked who s/he would thank if s/he won, most of them said they would thank God. This got me thinking. How can you pray to God to make you win when God is supposed to be on everyone's side. God doesn't care who wins; it is us humans who care.

This reminds me of another reality TV show I watched recently called Dancing on Ice where celebrities, partnered with professional ice-skaters, compete for the coveted title. At the end of the show the audience vote who they want to return the next week. The two celebrities with the lowest votes have to skate again. It is then up to the judges to eliminate one contestant. I find when I get involved and want someone to win, I feel very anxious and I get butterflies in my stomach. It's as if I've connected to everyone watching the show and experiencing their emotions along with the drama in the studio. In this particular edition, I didn't give a toss who won or lost. Put another way, I loved them equally. So what happened was I felt nothing; I was completely in my power.

When you love everyone equally you are completely in your power. This is how I imagine God to be. Asking God to help you win American Idol is meaningless to a God who is impartial, unless yours is a God that is partisan. Where there are 24 contestants competing for the same title, there's bound to be rules individuals are going to make up that gives him or her oneupmanship.

I believe God is unconditioned and doesn't make up any rules nor does He need to, but it is humans who make up rules. The rules that we make up about reality are paradigms, models of reality that works for the individual. The more you use a paradigm, the more sense it makes to the individual; and before you know it you start believing that the universe operates under those rules. When a collective start to believe in a rule, they define the rule as a law of nature or universal law. God doesn't make up rules, humans do.

Some people collect information, stuff, money; I collect experiences. I collect experiences I have had to demonstrate that there are many ways of experiencing the world depending on one's beliefs. I am now going to list a few of the many paradigms or models of reality I have experienced. At the end of this article, I shall attach links of selected articles of the various paradigm.

Cause and Effect

This is the dominant paradigm most humans share. It is believed there is a cause to everything be it material, thought, energy, spirit etc. When you have a thought about something, you should expect the equivalent experience in form. This is also known as "sowing and reaping." In the cause/effect paradigm events occur in time and space. In other words, the past affects the present and the present gives rise to the future. In some models I have studied such as NLP, you could change your past in the present; or you could jump to a future time and change what is occurring in the present. As Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP has said: "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

When you have an experience that doesn't fit into the paradigm of cause/effect people describe it as a miracle. For instance, you've observed that when you throw a ball up in the air it comes down. One day you observe the ball is stuck in the air or it disappears into thin air. You define this as a miracle. Just because you don't have an explanation doesn't mean it's a miracle; it's just another paradigm you haven't experienced before. I could never believe in miracles.


This is a difficult paradigm for people to accept. In this paradigm there is no cause to experiences. It's as if things happen spontaneously. There is only the present thus, each experience rises spontaneously in the moment, does its dance, and dissolves into the same moment. Each experience is discrete and has no connection to the next or previous moment. This means, technically, every moment is a clean slate.

A while back I watched a documentary about Clive Wearing who has amnesia. He can only remember a few minutes at a time before his memory dissolves into nothingness. He has a book where he lists down everything he's done or observed in any given moment. When he returns to the list he finds he can't recall having the experience. The only memory that is constant is the love he has for his wife. I wrote about this in a piece called Living in the Eternal Now

I have found the causeless paradigm very useful when it comes to healing. I remember having a migraine and I dismissed the headache as causeless, meaning there was absolutely no reason why I was having a migraine. Because there was nothing holding it in place, it disappeared into nothing. I also use this paradigm when it comes to experiencing food. I can eat a bar of chocolate, forget about it, have another and forget about infinitum. How can one gain weight or be affected by the beliefs about food when there is no evidence of having had the food?

The downside of this paradigm is that when I forget an experience I tend to repeat it. There have been times when I have put on moisturising cream, forgotten that I have and done it three times.

The causeless paradigm is also very useful when it comes to letting go of experiences; you can't be attached to an experience when you don't have it in memory.

The following paradigms, in brief, are variations of the above.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In this paradigm, the Universe reflects back to you what you have in thought. The mirror does not judge but gives you verbatim what you are thinking. It could be you think the word "shit" and you'll find it reflected back at you. Just like you can't expect your reflection to show you with red hair when you've got black hair, the Universal mirror will only reflect to you what you believe is possible.

Love as Magnet

This is when I attract what I love. All I have to do is love something enough and it is attracted to me like a magnet. I have also observed this with people who are successful at what they do, they have a kind of charisma or love magnet. What you love, loves you back.


When my attention is drawn to a thing, this means the thing wishes to express through me. When I am willing to have the experience I am one with the experience. All I have to do is let the experience express as me.

What Blesses One Blesses All

There is only the One. The One/God is expresses life through and as the many forms. Thus, what blesses one always bless the all.


Grace is Divine Love in action. Grace doesn't judge one for previous errors or beliefs you have; Grace can only love.

Your Focus determines Your Reality

What you focus on is magnified, which you end up creating as your reality. If your thoughts are on experiencing a certain reality but you are fearful about the outcome, you will end up creating what you don't want to experience.

In the Presence of Love

When you realise that all is Love, you know that all is good; and there is nothing to fear.

The One and the Us

In this paradigm, there is only the One experiencing life. The One is appearing as the many but we are all creating as the one Us.


Silence is the key to dissolving unwanted thoughts and experiences. Being in silence also ensures that I stay peaceful.


There are as many paradigms as consciousness to dream them. I have experienced many paradigms and I am not about to list them all here. I have pondered over whether I should just choose a paradigm and stick to it. That is not what I believe life is about. Why would I want to be attached to one paradigm? As I see it, life is freedom and freedom is unconditioned.

These experiences on my blogs demonstrate the limitless ways of being. All things are possible when you believe in the unconditioned nature of the Universe.

With love,

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