Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Power Within

"Whoever realizes himself as a son of God, even as Babaji has done, can reach any goal by the infinite powers hidden within him. A common stone locks within itself the secret of stupendous atomic energy; even so, a mortal is yet a powerhouse of divinity." Autobiography of a Yogi

"And when he [Jesus] was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17: 20-21)
On the one hand, yesterday wasn't such a good day for me; on the other hand, yesterday was another great day.

I woke up with a stomach ache I couldn't shift. I wasn't concerned about the cause so I tried not to give it much attention. I was determined to go about my business as usual. The pain came in spasm and would last for a few seconds and return after a few minutes. The first time I got the pain I reminded myself of what is written in the scriptures:

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing." (John 6: 63)
This means it is God that is moving me and working through me. I disconnected from the pain. It was as if it was happening to someone else. I managed to get my writing done and responded to some emails. By late afternoon, I decided to take the bus into town. The pain had still not gone away. I figured if it was still hanging around it must be present to give me some insights. On the bus, my body was besieged by prickling sensations, which wasn't pleasant. Like I said, I wasn't having a good day at all.

While all this body stuff was going on, back in the REAL world, the part of me who wasn't bothered by the pain was resting in the place I call home, my inner "Oz" that is purple energy, at least how I perceive it. I had a vision of a place of power, or a space that was pumping out limitless power; it's difficult to describe with words. I saw that each of us has this space of power within us that seems to lie dormant, but we can awaken it by being conscious that it is present. While all the itching and scratching and stomach stuff was going on, I relaxed in my purple sanctuary.

When I got off the bus I bought a bar of chocolate from a local supermarket and amused myself leafing through a magazine about celebrities. As I flicked through the pages the pain hit me again on my stomach and I gasped. I felt like I was going to pass out. Again, I was reminded that it is the Spirit that quickens my body. I continued browsing again and I had another "attack." A part of me was quite mad at whatever this thing was that was trying to distract me. I walked out of the shop. As I was walking down Oxford Street, the pain came again with vengeance and I felt dizzy but I kept moving. It was then I realised that the Spirit that quickens my body had come to life as a Presence that was moving my legs. It didn't matter what my stomach was doing as I was still being moved anyway. I got on the bus and headed home.

During the bus journey, I focused my attention on the Power/Presence that can move one effortlessly. This must be the same Power that moves you when you teleport. Am I ready to trust in the Power to teleport me from A to B without movement? Am I ready to be beamed up like they do in StarTrek? When the bus arrived at the final stop, I saw there were roadworks. I had a thought that it would be pointless waiting for another bus; I should walk the rest of the journey. OK, Presence, take me home. While I wasn't exactly teleported home in moments, I was walked home. I was thrilled to observe my legs being moved without doing a thing, like I was being flown to my destination. I also observed the Presence walked me in a different way compared to how I usually walk. As for the stomach pain, it kept coming and going but I ignored it.

Later in the evening after watching television I went to have a bath. I noticed that my neck had red marks on it like I had some irritation. I spoke to the Presence as one would a friend. I asked the Presence to take complete charge of my body. Then I had a thought that I should totally relax. I was reminded of what my doctor used to say, at least when I had a doctor, when he was about to give me an internal examination: "relax!" That used to annoy me. How do you expect me to relax when you're about to shove that instrument up me? How would you like someone shoving something up your jacksie? Of course the doctor had a point, when you relax the experience is a lot easier, less painful. Put another way, you can't be tense when you are laughing. I had a thought that to relax completely is to feel not only my physical body relax but to also imagine all my cells, up to the atomic level and beyond, also relaxed. I felt immense peace and the peace came to life as a living presence all around me.

I have experienced this Peace as a living presence previously but had interpreted it as the Peace of God that one could call upon. I didn't realise that this peaceful presence already lies within every cell in my body. In fact, my body is the Presence. When I relax the body, I am awakening the immense power within me. As I relaxed in the bath, the pain came back. This time I felt it completely without any resistance; it passed through like a ripple in a pond. After my bath I noticed the red marks on my shoulder had vanished. I went to lie down and feel the presence in me come alive. The pain returned and did a dance and it was dissolved in the Presence, then it stopped. For hours I rested in the Presence.

Each of us is God in flesh. The flesh is only flesh and behaves in the way it does when you believe yourself as material. But within this flesh is limitless power. I am reminded of what Paul has written:

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" (1 Corinthians 3: 16)
Of course I do know, Paul, my body is the living Presence of God. Thank you for the reminder.

I also used to believe it was limiting to think of my body as my identity. Now I know that I am my body because locked within my human body is the Spirit of God that I am, "a powerhouse of divinity," infinite power.

How simple is it to access this power! All I have to do is relax and be at peace and the peace comes to life. So that stomach pain was my greatest ally to help awaken the Power within.

The Kingdom of God is within me.

Have a great day!

With love,