Monday, February 27, 2006


A newborn baby is much closer to being his true self than a child of two. Why? Because a baby hasn't been conditioned into the human experience. A two year old is a lot closer to being his true self than a five year old for the same reason.

The spiritual path for me is a constant process of remembering that life is Spirit; that there is only one Self appearing and the Self is Spirit. This means kicking the old habit of self-forgetting. In other words, thinking like a mortal. For instance, I don't rush to a chemist if I feel a twinge; I apply what I know of my nature that I am Spirit. It doesn't matter what my body is doing, I keep going because I know that the Intelligence that quickens my body is the one Self that is Spirit. In other words, if you want to experience life in India, you have to live in India.

If I forget in one moment there is always the next moment to remember that all is the one Self.

In my view, there is no other purpose to life than to remember and express Self.

I am Self


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