Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Thought is the Very Thing

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high,
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.Over the Rainbow
I believe dreams do come true. All thoughts are manifested. It is not that we don't always receive what we dream of but we receive them in other realities until we are finally ready to let go of limiting beliefs.

In last night's episode of StarTrek The Next Generation called Where No One Has Gone Before, the ship is blasted a billion light years away from their own galaxy while carrying out an experiment on the ship's propulsion system. At first they blame it on the Starfleet propulsion expert. The crew discover that the expert's assistant, a humanoid alien, is the real culprit behind their reluctant journey. The humanoid calls himself The Traveller. He comes from another reality and has been exploring their reality as an observer. The Traveller has accidentally sent the ship to a reality of ideas by his thoughts. In this realm of ideas, all thoughts, "good" or "bad," are manifested instantly.

When Worf has a thought of a Klingon animal he used to play with as a child, the animal instantly appears. Another crew member thinking of herself as a ballerina is instantly transformed into a ballerina. Captain Picard has a thought about his mother and his mother instantly appears; and he has a conversation with her, even though she's been dead a long time. One crew member finds himself surrounded by flames and being burnt alive. The captain tells him to think the fire away and it disappears.

The captain realises they have to get away from this realm as the crew are having difficulty distinguishing thoughts from the ship's reality. Unfortunately for the crew, the only one who can get the crew home i.e., The Traveller, is dying. The captain advises the crew to channel their thoughts to The Traveller's well-being so he can send them back to their galaxy. The Traveller sends them home and disappears from their reality.

In the above episode the crew are in a reality where the thought of the thing is the very thing. You think of a cat and the thought of the cat is the cat and it instantly appears. Is this possible in our 3-D reality? Yes, but you have to be able to master your thoughts and believe it is possible.

If all thoughts were manifested instantly, like they did in the StarTrek episode, how many of us are ready to accept such a responsibility? Imagine a five year old boy thinking himself a car. No one is going to let him drive the car until he's old enough and has passed his driving test. The boy could always think himself as an adult with a driving license but this is going to prove problematic. Why? Because his mother, who is looking forward to enjoying her son's childhood, is not going to be too thrilled to have her son grow up so quickly. There's also society's belief about childhood which states that a child has to spend years being educated into the system. Society is not ready to accept a five year old adult who can drive a car and can think himself new qualifications.

Does this mean all our thoughts and wishes are in thought limbo land waiting till we grow up? No, a lot of them get manifested in other realities. Just last week I had a thought about how it would be lovely thinking all my actions into being. That same night I had a dream where I was using telekinesis to move objects. In the dream I was showing my mother my mental ability. I also levitated in the dream.

Recently, I thought of a TV presenter on television who I quite fancy. I thought how nice it would be to have a relationship with him. That same night I had a dream where we were holding hands and having a snog. I know I'm not likely to meet him in this reality as we don't move in the same circle; my friend tells me he's gay anyway. I can still dream, can't I? (wink)

I've had countless thoughts that have manifested in my dreams. My experiences in these dreams are as real as they are in this reality.

I believe the reality we call the 3rd Dimension is a simulation where we can pretend to learn lessons. In the meantime, while you are busy playing, your dreams do come true "somewhere over the rainbow" where you can experience them as reality. When you get bored of the belief system in 3-D, you are ready to accept the reality where the thought is the thing. Then you have to have discipline and focus. You have to be able to master your thoughts where you can dismiss a thought in an instant or you can focus only on what you want to think of. Then when you have one thought there is so much power behind it, it instantly manifests right where you are.

The thought of a thing is the thing itself.

With love,