Monday, March 20, 2006

Being What I Wish to Experience

There are two types of mentality: one that is dependent on someone changing in order for you to have happiness, joy etc; and one where you choose to experience whatever change you want to experience within yourself.

Yesterday on the bus a woman sat next to me. She was a lot bigger than I am and took up a lot of room. At the time I was pondering how each of us is the one Self. I realised that the Self wants what is best for all. Still, I felt like an insect that was being squashed in a corner. When the bus went round a corner the woman leant her whole weight on me. I told her she was squashing me and she apologised. But she soon went back to her old ways. As I didn't want to offend her by telling her she was too big and was leaning on me, I kept asking her in thought to mind her body. She would instantly readjust her weight for a few minutes and then forget and I was back to being squashed. Just as I was considering moving to another seat she got off.

This morning on the bus I had a similar experience. A man sitting beside me seemed to be taking up a lot of room and I felt uncomfortable. Then I thought to myself, I don't have to take this, nor should I expect him to change to accommodate me. I need to make the change. It was time to shapeshift into what I wanted to experience.

I imagined myself as a twig. Well, I'm already skinny enough to be a twig so that was a no-brainer. Hehehe. As a twig I had tons of room and was very comfortable. Suddenly, the man beside me adjusted himself and there was bags of room. I enjoyed a comfortable journey.

Why should I hang around waiting for someone or people to change so I can be such and such? I know, why don't we all wait for a critical mass to occur so we can all evolve into a higher consciousness? You can hang around if you want, but I've got better things to shapeshift into, thank you very much.

I am what I wish to experience.


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