Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Eternal Present

A poem by a dear friend.

Published with kind permission.

The Eternal Present

The Eternal Present is all there is,
There is no need for death only joy and bliss,
This state of confusion is all an illusion,
It's all about time that is all in the mind,
It doesn't really exist and yet we persist,
In this deluded affair that keeps us unaware,
It is only this moment that was, is and will be,
And when we know this we can truly be free,
To pursue what is ours, our true destiny,
That of our pure ascension voluntarily,
Instead of this dying that is not of our timing!
It is a fusion of the physical and spiritual plains
That is the true nature of our domain,
We are all Gods and Goddesses in unconscious denial,
And when we uncover this we can attain the sublime.
We are all multidimensional beings of light,
But as till now we've blocked this from our sight.
Now we need to wake up from the illusion,
And come to the conclusion of how things can really be,
And create our true reality.

© 2006 David Augustine Nicholson