Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How About That!

During my bus journey last night I thought of my friend in Ireland who has just had a baby boy. The passenger beside me asked if the bus was going to Euston. I said it was. She said she needed to catch her train from there. I asked her where she was headed and she said Cumbria. Cumbria is a three hour journey up north. It's also where they have the Lake District. She said she only lives 7 miles away. She told me how lovely it was around where she lives. I told her I've never been to the Lakes but I've been to the Peak District.

She was down in London for a conference. She said she was hoping to come back in a few months time to shop for some dresses for her sister's wedding in July. Her sister and her fiancé live in Holland. Her sister has lived in various parts of the world including Dubai. She even considered moving to Thailand but changed her mind. I told my travelling companion I had been thinking about my friend in Ireland who has family in Dubai. Before my friend moved to Ireland she lived in Thailand. I paid her a visit a few years back. My companion's sister reminded me a lot of my friend in Ireland.

When the woman got off the bus another woman sat next to me. At some point during the journey she spotted her friend and called her over. Her friend sat opposite her. From what I could glean from their conversation, they used to work together. They were both designers. Her friend was currently working for the National Gallery. Interesting, I wrote a piece yesterday called The Artist.

Her friend asked her where she was working at the moment. She said a company called Nokia Designs. I chuckled to myself. Nokia sounds like my name Enocia, which is pronounced E-nokia.

Just as the woman was about to get off with her friend I said to her, "Excuse me, my name is Enocia."

"Nice to meet you," she said, looking surprised.

"I mean, you work for a company called Nokia Designs and my name is Enocia."

"How strange!" she said.

Life is a constant wonder.

With love,