Saturday, March 11, 2006


Searching for a destiny that's mine there's another place another time.
Touching many hearts along the way, yeah
Hoping that I'll never have to say
It's just an illusion - illusion - illusion.
Follow your emotions anywhere
Is it really magic in the air?
Never let your feelings get you down.
Open up your eyes and look around
It's just an illusion - illusion - illusion.
Could it be that it's just an illusion putting me back in all this confusion?
Could it be that it's just an illusion now? Just an Illusion by Imagination
Last night my mother complained about a pain she had in her wrist. I offered to give her healing. I held her wrist and closed my eyes for a minute or so, thought of the word "HEAL" and then told her that her wrist was healed. She twisted her wrist in both directions and said she couldn't feel pain though she looked doubtful. Then she said that maybe I could give her healing for the constant pain in her hips. I said she only has to ask.

Had I really healed my mother's wrist? Nope, I had replaced one illusion with another. What do I mean by this?

Imagine you're dreaming you're drowning and screaming for help. You could dream of seeing yourself being rescued. Even if you've been rescued you're still in a dream. Healing my mother's wrist is the equivalent of playing the part of someone rescuing someone in a dream about drowning.

What if you were lying in bed with your partner who hears you screaming for help? He wakes you up and reminds you that you're dreaming. Now that you're awake you're no longer scared. You realise you had imagined the experience as real. In the same respect, I could remind my mother that she is dreaming; that she has the power to wake herself out of the dream and stay awake.

Earlier today, I asked my mother about the pain she has. Was the pain in only one area? She said it moves about, sometimes it's on her back, then her hips, or her buttocks, though the pain sometimes feels as if it's in one area. This reminds me of a story I read yesterday in Emma Heathcote-James' book They Walk Among us, where she talks about someone who has a missing limb and yet he still feels pain round the missing limb area. How is this possible? It is possible because pain is in the mind, and the mind is not located in one specific area. The mind is up, down, left, right, back, front, inside, outside, everywhere. If you're picking up beliefs of pain in mind then you would feel it anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes, pain can feel concentrated in one area. You go to your doctor and, based on the symptoms you appear to be having, he diagnoses you as having such and such. You believe in the doctor's diagnosis and find yourself on a course of treatment for that ailment. You believe in the treatment and it goes away. But since you still have the same mind, you're bound to dream up more pain that will manifest somewhere else as something or another.

Pain is like an illusionist trying to trick his audience. He keeps coming at you and transforming into whatever you believe it is. You fight back with whatever your beliefs are to remove the illness or whatever. The fight continues until the illusionist transforms into the ultimate challenger...DEATH. You fight back but you are defeated and you "die" only to realise you are still alive in another form ready to fight another day.

How do you stop the constant illusory battle? You have to realise that you are in a dream that you have to wake up from. To wake up from the dream you have to be your true self that is always perfect.

Before I got serious about knowing and being my true self, I played around with spirituality. I read voraciously about all aspects of spirituality; I even went on courses. Though I loved the idea of spirituality, it was only one of my spare time interests along with films, music, writing, restaurants, socialising, reading, television, StarTrek, art, etc. One day it happened where I made the decision to start taking what I was reading seriously. It was 1999. I had just finished work and walking down Oxford Street, near Bond Street tube station. I was feeling desperately unhappy. I suddenly had an intense desire that I wanted out of this game. So I thought "If there is reincarnation, I don't want to come back to this. There's got to be more than this." I didn't know what to expect but I knew I didn't want to continue feeling the way I was feeling. I wish I could say in a blink of an eye I was my true self from that moment onward. I'm sure it is possible but it hasn't been that way for me. I have found being my true self takes constant focus, persistence and discipline because the illusion keeps coming back; and I have to constantly remember who I am.

So in my view, one can play the game of doctors and nurses till the cows come home. You are always going to be replacing one illusion with another anyway. If you are really serious about being in health, don't seek health. Why not go for broke and be your true self who is always perfect?

I would like to share one technique I use to be my true self/Infinite Self. I am also grateful to my dear friends, nature, who are always there to remind me how to be.

I imagine myself as a tree with my roots firmly planted in Infinite Self. The moment I have the thought, I lose all sense of individual self. I feel as if I'm everywhere. I also lose all sense of having a physical body though I can still move around and do stuff as usual. But I am aware that whatever I am doing or being, it is the Infinite Self that is doing and being. It is that simple.

Following are excerpts from Doreen Virtue's book, The Lightworker's Way

"Psychic healing revolves around the world of matter, which in its most finite components is vibrating energy particles. These energy vibrations are encoded with information that the psychic 'reads' during her sessions. To understand that energy composes all matter is an important step when conducting healings from the level of the mind.

"Beyond the material illusion though, is the pure awareness and experience of God’s love. Your true-self is in this experience right now, as is your client’s true-self. When we give psychic readings, we 'read' the ego. If your client or deceased loved one fully lived in a true-self state, your reading will be, 'I see love, I feel love, I hear love, and I know love.'

"Matter, thought, and energies all intersect on one plane of existence. Spirit is on a different but parallel plane. On the material plane there is energy and the experience of matter, time, and movement. On the true-self plane, there is only the pure experience of love, oneness or unity. No thought is necessary because there is nothing to think about and no comparisons to make. There is no doing, because doing implies improving or getting something. In the true-self plane, where all is perfect there is nothing to improve upon and nothing that needs additions or fixing. These are all functions of the body, which is a material perspective.

"Angels, spirit guides, and deceased people function and intervene in our material world. Many spirit guides and most deceased persons who interact with the earth plane operate largely out of an ego perspective that sees the material world as having reality.

"Angels, Holy Spirit, ascended masters, and evolved spirit guides know the truth of life's divine perfection. However, they also see that we need help while we still believe we are in the material world. Their role is to function on both planes to help us gently awaken to our higher selves in the spirit plane." (The Lightworker's Way, Doreen Virtue, p. 239-240)
With love,