Friday, March 03, 2006

Infinite Self

"To be a sorcerer," don Juan continued, "doesn't mean to practice witchcraft, or to work to affect people, or to be possessed by demons. To be a sorcerer means to reach a level of awareness that makes inconceivable things available. The term 'sorcery' is inadequate to express what sorcerers do, and so is the term 'shamanism.' The actions of sorcerers are exclusively in the realm of the abstract, the impersonal. Sorcerers struggle to reach a goal that has nothing to do with the quests of an average man. Sorcerers' aspirations are to reach infinity, and to be conscious of it." (The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda, p. 69)
Imagine driving from London to Edinburgh (in Scotland), which is just over 400 miles. After you've travelled 100 miles you stop at a petrol station to get some petrol but you find your tank is full. How odd! You continue driving and keep checking the petrol gauge but it hasn't changed. When you arrive in Edinburgh you notice the petrol tank is still full. You are really puzzled. How come you haven't used up any petrol?

You stop at the next garage you come across. You ask one of the mechanics to give your car a good going-over. The mechanic tells you your car is ship-shape.

After you've spent a few days in Edinburgh driving around you drive up north to Inverness; you find you still don't need any petrol, nor does the car's engine need any oil or water. It's working perfectly. You drive back from Inverness to London, which is about 600 miles; and your car continues to be in top condition. The whole trip has cost you nothing.

Well, my real Self is like a car that is always in perfect condition and is always full of petrol. My real Self is never depleted of energy; Self is infinite energy. It matters not how much you take away from infinity, you are always left with the same amount - infinity.

Imagine what life would be like when one lives as one's true self? This would mean:

You are always in perfect health.
You are always inspired.
Your needs are always met.
You are always joyful.
You are always fulfilled.
You are free.

If you knew there was a possibility that you could live like this all the time, wouldn't you want to focus all your attention on knowing Self? I certainly would.

"For infinity, the only worthwhile enterprise of a warrior is freedom. Any other enterprise is fraudulent." (The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda, p. 113)