Monday, March 13, 2006

Life is a Bus Journey

The other night on the way home I sat next to this guy. He told me he was pleased I was sitting next to him because I was keeping the draft out from the open doors. Funny he should said that because I've had the same thought before about wanting people to sit next to me only to keep me warm. Hahaha. He said I was a bit too skinny though to keep him warm. Cheeky bugger!

He was fun to travel with. I even shared with him a risqué joke I had received via email that day.

He said he couldn't wait to get to his destination as he was dying to have a wee.

"So am I," I said laughing, "I'm bursting!"

On the next bus a young couple got on and sat opposite me. I thought they were really sweet. After a while they sat elsewhere. I still had another bus to catch and it was getting pretty late. I saw the bus I wanted in front. It will be so nice to get that one without having to wait for another. Each time my bus stopped behind it I tried to gauge whether I had enough time to get off and catch the bus in front before it moved off. I only had one more opportunity before the bus turned into a different road.

At the next stop, the young couple got off. I had a feeling they also wanted the bus in front. The young man ran like the wind to catch the bus, closely followed by his girlfriend, with Enocia bringing up the rear. They thought it was really funny that I had intended to catch the same bus all along. Well, I try not to miss out on any opportunities.

So yesterday I was on another bus. I was dying to have a wee but I thought I could suppress it and wait till I got home. At the last moment I decided to get off the bus. A few of us got off the bus and headed for the local shopping centre. It was then I realised that all four of us were headed for the ladies toilet. We all found it amusing that we had the same idea at the same time.

I wonder whether my desire to have a wee made them want to go; or was it their desire to have a wee that made me want to go?

Who cares.

Life is like a bus journey where passengers travel together for however long the journey lasts.

Hope you're all having a wonderful journey.

Lots of love,