Monday, March 06, 2006

The Magician

Your doctor prescribes some pills for your headache. You take the pills and the headache is gone. Was it the pills that cured you? No, I believe you cured yourself. How could you have cured yourself when you needed to see the doctor in the first place? It was your belief in the pills that activated the magic within to heal you.

I believe we all have a Magician within us that needs to be awakened. The Magician is my real Self that can shapeshift into any state, reality or form, while still remaining the same. To awaken the Magician you have to know that He is present and you have to believe in Him. So if I need healing my Inner Magician takes the form of the state of wholeness I want to experience and it is so. (The inner healer is a shapeshifted version of the Magician).

The Magician is constantly reminding me of my identity as a Magician. For instance, in Infinite Self, the Magician describes Himself as a car's petrol tank that is always full of petrol no matter how far the car has travelled; a car that is always in tip-top condition. Since I know the Magician is my real Self, I take this metaphor as literal. This means:

I am a car with a petrol tank that is always full of petrol no matter how far I have travelled.

I am a car that is always in tip-top condition.

When the above statements are translated into the human experience this means

I am always full of energy. I can walk for miles and miles and still feel energised because my "tank" is always full of energy.

I am eternal youth. It doesn't matter how long I have been around, I always look and feel the same. I never age.

I am always in perfect health.

I believe these statements to be true and according to my beliefs so be it.

To recap, it is my belief that activates the Magician, my real Self. My belief is the equivalent of a wand the Magician uses to work with.

No belief, no magician.
No belief in magician, no life full of wonder.
No belief in magician, a life of limitation and feeling of being stuck.

I am aware there are unlimited beliefs one can have. Instead of believing in many doctrines, teachers, teachings, techniques, principles etc, I have three beliefs:

I believe in Magic.
I believe in the Magician.
I believe in Me.

I am the Magician.


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