Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Personal Creed

So you are feeling weak. After you've had something to eat you feel stronger and full of energy. Was it the food that gave you strength? I believe it was your belief that food can make you feel stronger that has made you stronger. The problem is many people believe that foods can be both healthy and harmful. According to "scientific evidence," additives and preservatives are said to make people put on weight and even make them sick; if you believe in the "evidence" of course.

Similarly, people take medication they believe will heal them of their ailments. Then someone comes up with some new information that the drugs you believe in have certain chemicals that can make you ill. If you believe in the new information, you're basically stuffed. Then you hear about people who have been taking drugs that have no active ingredients and they've been healed. But when these people realise their "drugs" were placebos, the disease is back in full force. That's the problem with believing in the material world, you don't know whether you're coming or going.

If you can be healed one minute and sick the next this has to mean that it is your belief in the thing that is manifesting the condition not the thing itself. Doesn't this tell you that you have a Power within that can create situations according to your beliefs?

How does one use the Power to one's advantage? One has to be constantly aware that the Power is everywhere and it is the only Power. I believe none of what we see as material forms have any power. No food has the power to sustain me. When I appear to feel energised after eating, it is not the food that has given me energy but the Power within me that is quickening my body.

I believe programming is one way of cultivating awareness of the Power and strengthening one's belief in the Power.

For instance, I was brought up a Methodist; I even went to a Methodist secondary school. We had to memorise The Apostles' Creed, a set of beliefs that we recited at some point during each service. Memorising and reciting the Creed was a way of programming us with our religious beliefs. Even though I never believed in what I was reciting, a lot of the beliefs still sank in. Why else would I still be quoting scriptures? They got me good and proper! Haha!

Well, here's one way to get my own back. I have now created my own Creed that I now recite every morning. Here it is:

I believe there is only the One that is infinite love, power and wisdom
I believe the One is appearing as my thoughts, feelings and all that I am being.
I believe the One quickens my body, moves me, inspires me, nourishes me, and is my constant supply.
I believe the One appearing as me is appearing as the all in all time, space and realities.
I believe the One is constantly working and never stops working.
I believe the One is my True Self.
I believe with the One nothing is impossible; and all things are possible
I believe in the One.
Last night, my mother gave me an envelope with some money. She told me how much was in the envelope and asked me to carry out a transaction for her today at the post office. While I was getting ready this morning, I had a thought that I couldn't remember the amount in the envelope and was going to ask my mother what the amount was so I could write it on the envelope. My mother was in bed at the time. When I went to pick up the envelope I couldn't find it. I saw my mother was busy writing.

"What are you doing?" I said.
"I'm writing down the amount on the envelope," she said.
"Oh good, you read my thoughts then," I said, "I was going to ask you the very same thing."
"Great minds think alike!" she said.

How did my mother pick up on my thoughts? Easy.

"I believe the same Power in me is the same Power in all."
Before I left, she asked me to buy her some pitta bread at the local grocery. As I was walking to the shop I had a thought that the shop had run out and the only bread left was wholemeal, which my mother doesn't like. Sure enough, I was right. How did I know in advance? Easy.

"I believe the same Power in me is the same Power in all, and exists in all time and space."
I'm sure if I'd told my mother that the shop didn't have any bread she would have asked for proof, as she doesn't share my beliefs. This can be frustrating as I already have the evidence in my thoughts. Proof is walking to the shops so I can see the evidence of "no bread" on the shelf. Aaargh!

I believe life is a lot more fun and magical when I am conscious of and believe in the one Power within and without.

I believe in me.


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