Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Time Passes

Time doesn't pass unless you believe it does.

You believe it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate on its axis so you define one rotation as a day. Today is not more or less than another today unless you believe it is.

A few days ago while I was on the bus, I heard a young girl, about two years old, speaking to her dad on the mobile phone. She said, "Have a good yesterday!" Her mother laughed and corrected her: "Have a good evening!" I have to admit it did sound funny, but only to the conditioned ear. The girl didn't have a clue about time.

On another bus journey, I heard a boy speaking to a woman he called "nana", presumably his grandmother.

"Is this bus 47, nana?" the boy said.
"No, it's bus 48."

After a few moments of silence, the boy said "Does 48 come before or after 47?"
"48 comes after 47."

Here again was a boy who had no concept of numbers. I would imagine that for him 47 and 48 are just discrete entities that have no connection. Why should 48 follow 47? Just because humans have devised a system of numbering in ascending and descending order doesn't mean it is true.

A while back in timeless time, I got chatting to a boy on the bus. He told me he was four years old.
"How old are you?" he said.
"I'm 12," I said.
"You can't be 12," he said, "there's no 4 in 12!"


The boy was also convinced he was older than me. Well from a Truth perspective where we are all one, there's no measurement of time to speak of. However, from a human experience perspective, I've been on earth a little longer than four years, so I guess you could say I'm older. Maybe he saw himself as the "Ancient of Days."

We use numbers as a convenient system but it doesn't mean time marches on, nor can you go forward or back in time, unless you believe you can.

You can believe all you like that you are Spirit and Spirit doesn't age, but if you believe time passes, then you will age with the passing of the season.

If there is no such thing as time, why am I keeping this blog going? Though I know that none of this matters to the Infinite being that I am, my ego needs to have evidence that I was here, I guess. It also helps me pass the "time" away. Grin.

No time passes because there is no time to speak of.