Sunday, March 12, 2006

Only One Self Exists

In John Godfrey Saxe's classic poem called The Blind Men and the Elephant, six blind men went to see an elephant, though they were all blind, so "that each by observation might satisfy his mind." After feeling parts of the elephant, each came to a conclusion about what he believed the elephant to be as follows; a wall, a spear, a snake, a tree, a fan and a rope. The poet concludes: "each was partly in the right, and all were in the wrong!"

I believe that there is only one Infinite Self which we all are but interpret the Self in our own way rather like the six blind men did the elephant. However we interpret the Self does not change what I believe is the truth that only the one Self exists.

Early yesterday when I was going to the local shops, I saw a lovely Labrador dog outside the shop. I felt like stroking him; he came over so I could. Beside him was a huge Alsatian. He yelped at me. He seemed to be saying he wanted to be stroked too, so I made a fuss over both of them. How can I play favourites when we are the one Self?

Later in the afternoon on the bus into town, at a bus stop we saw two young lads pushing and shoving one another. Their grappling was reminiscent of the way dogs fight. They took their fight into the road and stopped the traffic. Our bus driver was very concerned so he stopped the bus and reported the incident. In the meantime, us passengers watched them fighting. I thought to myself for them to stop fighting. I also realised there is only one Self. I visualised a heart shape representing the Self and imagined the young men inside the heart. Someone pulled them apart and one crossed over the road. Our bus then drove off. How can you fight another when you are the one Self?

On another bus I was on two young men got on. They sat close by and chatted about university life. For some reason I was intrigued by their conversation. Then one said, "By the way, Get Shorty is on television tonight." Wow! So that's why they are sitting next to me - to relay this message. The day before I mentioned to a friend, by email, that I used to have a relationship with someone who was a music producer. I've been wondering how he is. Well, this same ex worked on the film, Get Shorty. I see my friend got my message then. We truly are the one Self.

At the bookshop I was browsing in, a friend I haven't seen in a while crossed my mind. Within an hour he walked into the bookshop. He said he felt drawn to the bookshop. It was great to see him. He told me he'd just been to a Timelining workshop. I told him I wrote a piece recently that is loosely based on timelining where I re-wrote my experience. In the same piece, I also quoted one of the founders of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); timelining is as an aspect of NLP. It was fun catching up with my friend. Again, this shows there is only the one Self.

In a place I call home, we are all the one Infinite Self. As humans, we are expressing aspects of Self. When you live with the realisation that only the one Self exists, life is truly a delight.

With love,