Monday, March 06, 2006

Route Master

I fancied a trip to the museum.

I had it in mind what bus routes would get me there. I took the first bus that came along intending to catch another at some point. The bendy-bus I wanted was right in front. In fact, there were two of them.

OK, I want the bus I'm now on to overtake the bendy-bus in front. Our bus overtook the bendy-bus . Brilliant! Oh no, the bendy-bus has now overtaken us. That's just brilliant! Come on, bus driver, step on it! What's going on? All the traffic lights are now on red. The bendy-bus is off. We are being left behind! What's that lady doing stopping my bus? Why didn't she take the one in front? Now she's slowing my journey. Oh God, someone has rung the bell, which means we are stopping again. I'm not going to catch my bus now. Bugger! Oh well, there are lots of buses, no need to worry. I can still see the bus I want though. Oh good. I'm sure I'm going to catch it at the next stop.

When we arrived at the next stop, the bendy-bus was still at the bus stop. God, please hold that bus so I can get on. Oh no, the bus is driving off. Why?!??

I can't believe my Route Master has let me down. How could you let me miss that bus when you knew I needed to be on that bus?

A few seconds of sulking.

A few minutes later another bus arrived and I had the idea to get on that bus. Aha, I remember now, this is a much better connection. This bus is going to take me to the next station. All I need to do is get off and wait for my next bus. If I'd got on the other bus, I would have had to walk.

My Route Master always knows the most effortless route to my destination.

All is well.