Thursday, March 02, 2006


Shapeshifting is the art of transforming one's self into any reality. God, The All There Is, is a Master Shapeshifter as He has shapeshifted and continues to shapeshift Himself into limitless beings and realities. As each of us is God, we all have the capacity to shapeshift. In fact, we are shapeshifting all the time though we are not aware of what we are doing. Our thoughts are manifesting different realities. Most of the time we shape-shift more of the same.

I remember how uncomfortable I used to feel when there was a heat wave. I would think how hot I was feeling. I would then get more and more uncomfortable. Then I decided to change my thoughts and think "cool weather" even when it was boiling. I would find that the weather either cooled down or I experienced it as cool. I also find when I don't have any thoughts of hot or cold or of anything, I feel neither hot nor cold.

Yesterday on a bus journey it started to snow. Well it can snow but not in my universe. So I decided to shape-shift how I perceive the world. I thought: "Stop Snowing," but it snowed heavier. I changed my thought to "Warmth, warmth, warmth" and the snow stopped. I got off the bus to pop into a shop. When I came back outside it was snowing again. This time I decide to shape-shift as my God-presence. I thought "I am warm weather." I visualised my body as the sun with rays going outwards into infinity. It stopped snowing.

Later on another bus a man sat behind me. He sounded very angry. He was ranting and raving to himself about how much he hated black people, Asians, women, foreigners, homosexuals, and people in general. I stayed in my presence and I thought "I am Love" and felt my God Presence radiating in all time and in all space. While my Love presence didn't change the man's behaviour, I was safe in the knowledge that I live and have my being in my God-presence, which nothing can separate me from. While the man continued his tirade, I thought to myself that at least the man doesn't discriminate against particular groups; he hates everyone. Hehehe.

One can shapeshift a disease or illness into manifestation; an illness is only a mental state after all. The good news is that if you can shape-shift part of your body into something, you can easily shape-shift it back into health by being in your God-presence.

Earlier today, I accompanied my mother to do some shopping. On the way she picked up her new glasses from her opticians. On the way home we took a taxi. At one point I found I was having difficulty reading a sign on a billboard. I thought "I am Vision." Suddenly there was more light around the billboard as if the words were illuminating themselves so I could read them. It's interesting how one can try so hard to see; you even get glasses to help you see. When you shapeshift into sight or vision, you receive the light to see and to understand what you are seeing.

Shapeshifting enables me to experience how limitless I am; that all realities, all states exist within me.

I am Shapeshifter.