Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Soul is Always Perfect

There is a belief that our souls are experiencing different lives in order to grow or to be transformed. I do not share that belief. I believe The All There Is/God/Soul has individualised as each of us to experience life. While it is my God Self or Soul that is having life experiences, She is not affected by any of the experiences. In other words, She is always perfect no matter what.

A few years ago while on a self-imposed retreat, I fell ill. I applied truth principles to heal myself but I only got worse; I couldn't eat anything nor could I keep any fluids in. In the meantime while I was going through "hell," I was aware of a presence around me that was in utter bliss. I asked the presence to help me but my condition remained the same. Whenever I "tuned" into the presence, I felt blissful and totally detached from the experience. I would then feel myself drawn into the sense reality and experiencing pain. I guess at the time, I identified myself more as flesh than Spirit; I also believed food sustains you and without food you're going to get sick. And where my attention was focused became my dominant reality. After two days, I decided enough is enough; I phoned a friend and asked him for spiritual healing, then I called an ambulance.

The paramedic couldn't take me seriously. He said I looked like a long-distance runner. I guess he had a point as I had lost half a stone by then. He asked me whether I had been running. Do I look like I'm in any condition to run? He couldn't understand how I could be feeling nauseous when I was looking so radiant. I asked to be taken to the nearest hospital. At casualty, a doctor diagnosed me as having a kind of urinary infection and gave me some tablets. Before I took the tablets I was healed but I nevertheless agreed to be put on a drip. It actually turned out to be a fun experience; I met another patient who regaled me with life stories that had me in stitches. Before I left the hospital I was given some medication to take for a few weeks but I threw them away.

It was much later that I realised who the presence was: me, my real self. This self is always in bliss, and not affected in any way by any experiences. Since my real self or Soul is always blissful, who is it that endures suffering? Good question! Any experience of suffering is not that of the Soul, as the Soul will not put Herself through an experience to learn lessons. There is no need for the all-knowing Soul to grow. Soul is always perfect, therefore, nothing can be added to or taken away from Her perfection. Any experience that is unlike the Soul is a dream experience and it's not real, though it feels very much real to the one having the experience.

I'm reminded of a reality TV show I watched recently called 25 Million Dollar Hoax about a young woman who plays a practical joke on her family as follows:

"She will pretend to have won a minimum of 5 million dollars from an internet game site called "TheBigWin.Net" and must convince her family that her newfound fortune goes straight to her head, spending recklessly only on herself and never revealing any hint of the deception for five days. After witnessing her apparent transformation from rational, family-oriented young woman into self-centered spendaholic, her entire family must be present when she turns up to spin the wheel, which has been rigged to stop at 25 Million. While they celebrate her big win it will be revealed that the entire incident has been a hoax for television and in reality the family will be awarded a $400,000 prize package. If they haven't strangled her first…" 25 Million Dollar Hoax - Episode 1 Recap
Although it was a hoax, the young woman's family believed her windfall had transformed her personality. The family went through a roller-coaster of emotions during those five days until they realised none of it was real. Similarly, the self that goes through suffering is the equivalent of being put through a hoax. It is not real though one could experience it as if it is.

Back to my experience, I believe if I had stayed in my blissful presence, I wouldn't have needed to go to the hospital. It's interesting that the paramedic saw me as healthy even though I wasn't feeling up to it at the time.

The spiritual path is realising the truth that there is only one self, the Soul, that is the same no matter what. It is the Soul that is experiencing life. Soul has life experiences not to learn or grow from them but to express Self.

The Soul that I am is perfection.
Nothing can be added to or taken away from perfection.