Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stop Following Me!

Two days ago, I accompanied my mother to her doctor's. We caught the local bus. On the bus was this geezer who lives a few doors away, and another bus driver on his way to work.

At the surgery, my mother had to wait for almost an hour before she could see her doctor. After her appointment, mum wanted to stop off at the post office to buy some stuff. We finally went to catch our bus back which took ages to arrive. When it arrived it was full but there was another one behind which we got on.

Well, our bus driver was the same driver we saw earlier on his way to work. When we arrived at our local tube station our neighbour got on the bus. What are the chances of us travelling to and from our various destinations?

Yesterday, I decided to go into town and got the local bus. Guess who was our bus driver? The same one from the day before. Guess who I sat next to on the bus? Our neighbour. I accused him of doing an impression of the little lamb who followed Mary everywhere; and he accused me of following him. (Smile). It was fun travelling with him. I told him about a programme I'd watched on television the night before called "Britain's Hardest", about six men who were put through some endurance challenges to determine who was the hardest. My friend wasn't that impressed. He said men nowadays are weak. He was a soldier during the second world war and he described the challenges he faced; they were really hard. I told him I applied to join the British army when I was 18. I even went to the selection centre at Aldershot but I failed the interview. In an alternate reality, I'm a captain, no a major, in the British Army, if they have nurses who are majors.

To the bus driver and my friendly neighbour. Will you please stop following me!

With love,