Monday, March 13, 2006

Supply and Demand are One

ALLISON: Please, why are you being so nice to me?

CLAIRE: 'Cause you're letting me.The Breakfast Club
I believe the Infinite Self, the Source that we all are, is always giving and we receive as much as we are open to receive; no more, no less. Put another way, supply is Infinite Intelligence/Self giving of self; and demand is one's capacity to receive. If I want to receive infinite supply, I have to let myself receive in equal measure.

I am reminded of a story in the Bible about a widow in distress who asks the prophet, Elisha, for assistance. She's in debt and afraid that the creditors are going to take her two sons into bondage. Elisha asks her what she has in her house that is of value. She says she has one jar of oil. Elisha tells her to borrow as many jars as possible from her neighbours, then lock herself in her house and start pouring oil from the one jar into all the jars. The widow does exactly as Elisha has suggested. The oil fills all the jars. When she's run out of jars, she asks her son for another but he tells her there isn't one available. The oil stops pouring. Elisha tells her to sell the oil, pay off her debt, and live on the profit. (see 2 Kings 4: 1-7)

I read the story in two ways: as literal and symbolic. Closing the door symbolises not taking notice of appearances or listening to common sense. Common sense would tell you that one jar of oil cannot fill 30 or 40 jars. The widow had faith in what she couldn't see. She is also described as a "woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets unto Elisha." This means she has already witnessed the power of God being expressed through Elisha, so she has faith in Elisha. The oil represents the Power, Love, Wisdom or Source of Goodness that we all are which gives out as much as the human instrument is willing to receive. I believe if the widow had a million jars, the one jar of oil would have filled all of them with more to spare.

I believe I have the power to let myself receive or to stop myself from receiving. For instance, I love drinking water from the tap. I turn the tap on, cup my hand underneath, and drink to my heart's content. When I'm full I turn the tap off, naturally. How can I receive more water? Well, I either need to have a bigger stomach or the ability to get rid of the water as fast as I am drinking it.

The other night I met a friend who I believe is a brilliant poet. We met for the first time last year at a performance poetry evening where I heard him perform some of his poems. At the end of the performance I went over to him and told him how much I loved what he had to say, plus I could really resonate with his ideas. From then on we became friends. My friend told me he was experiencing writer's block. I believe writer's block stems from blocking yourself from receiving all that you are. How does one remove the block? By letting yourself receive.

In the above quote from the film, The Breakfast Club, which really blew me away, only when Allison is willing to let herself receive is she able to experience what Claire has to offer. Does this mean I have to wait till I have found people who are willing to receive so I can give my gift? What if there is no one willing to receive my gift?

I can speak from experience about writing. You submit your work and someone suggests you re-write it so it meets with the current house style; or your work is rejected outright because it doesn't fit in with their beliefs or whatever. Well, I'm not going to hang around hoping for a particular market that my writing style is going to appeal to. Instead, I have created a limitless vessel that I can pour my "oil" into - my blog. In my blog I can write whatever comes up without worrying about style. It doesn't matter to me what people think of what I'm writing. All I know is I'm being true to myself and freely expressing the All that I am.

I believe another way one can create a limitless capacity to receive is through the imagination. Imagine yourself filling infinite channels of all you have to offer. It could be love, joy, power, energy, ideas, money, health, food, shelter etc. Since everything is an idea anyway and the idea is the thing itself, you find yourself receiving the very thing you have imagined you are giving away.

Supply and demand are one. You as Source give as much as you/human instrument are open to receive. If you want to receive more, let yourself receive more. It is that simple.

With love,

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