Friday, March 10, 2006

What is Evolution?

"Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation." (2 Corinthians 6: 2)
I believe every time someone has a new idea that is different from the norm, he's on the brink of evolving a new species of humanity. As the idea evolves he becomes a new human being. Right now on earth, there are different versions of humanity living in the same time and space. They look the same but they are not the same.

Last night my mother told me that a long time ago when she was on her way home from work, the bus she was on was stuck in a huge traffic jam. She had no choice but to walk all the way home. It was a long way indeed. She said she was dog-tired when she arrived home. Fortunately, the next day was Saturday and she was able to recuperate over the weekend.

I told her about when I did a sponsored walk from Gravesend to Blackheath Common, about 18 miles. I said one knee gave way after that. I went through a couple of years of therapy to sort my knee out.

"Those were dark times," my mother said. "I bet now it wouldn't make any difference how far you walked."

I smiled. My mother was so right. In those dark times or dark ages, when I walked I felt as if I was physically taking away from myself. This meant every step I took I was losing energy. Is it any wonder why one gets tired after walking a few miles?

I used to love going on long walks because of the belief I had that I was keeping myself fit, burning off calories, getting toned up, or because I believed in what the experts tell us that walking is good exercise. But now I have a different view of reality. I know that it is the Infinite Self that is doing the walking; and Self is always perfect, therefore, nothing can be added or taken away from perfection. How can you get tired when in effect you haven't done anything? Even if I did lapse and had the mindset of exercising, when I get back in my "right mind," I can always dismiss the experience as nothing.

My mother said it must make life boring. There's no challenge if things come too easy. You have to feel as if you're doing something otherwise it's pointless. I suppose my mother has a point. If I feel like making it hard for myself, I can always pretend I'm the one doing the walking and make myself feel pain so I can devise a new healing technique, which I can write about.

What I find interesting is how my mother and I are occupying the same time and space and yet our thoughts are so different. This is not to say that she doesn't understand my way of thinking; she understands my mindset needs lots of focus and discipline. I also find my inner state is a lot different from a lot of people I meet, though I can relate to many people because I've been in their shoes; I used to think the way they did. Is it possible that I represent a time warp version of humanity living right here on earth?

Back to the notion of evolution. I believe there are many humans sharing the one dominant paradigm. In my view, you can't evolve from one paradigm to another. Let's say, for instance, you have become more tolerant and more loving. If you still believe in judgment and that people deserve to be punished, or you believe in an eye for an eye, you are simply an advanced version of the judgment paradigm; you haven't made a paradigm shift. To change from judgment to one who is loving and forgiving no matter what involves changing your core beliefs about reality. This is what I mean by a paradigm shift. Then you can evolve your new paradigm until you feel inclined to shift to another paradigm. Each time you enter a new paradigm, you are evolving a new species of humanity.

So while I find sci-fi programmes entertaining, I don't buy into the notion of a future time where you'll find advanced humans moving at the speed of light etc. I believe these humans exist right here and now. In the present you'll find

Humans who believe in struggling and working hard to achieve their goals.
Humans who believe there is not enough to go round so they have to compete for limited resources.
Humans who believe in taking control and changing their reality by changing their thoughts and beliefs.
Humans who are creating by the power of their thoughts.
Humans who are creating by energy.
Humans who are creating by the power of silence.
Humans who believe they are the source and cause of reality.
Humans who believe there is no cause.
Humans who are just observers and only make themselves visible if they feel inclined to.

As you can see there are different versions of humanity living in the present. A human is either "evolving" the paradigm he's in, making a paradigm shift, or creating a new paradigm. I'm sure there are lots more paradigms being created all the time.

If you want to know what humans were like in the past, look in the present.

If you want to know what humans will be like in the future, look in the present.

If you want to know how humans are evolving, look in the present.

All time is now.


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