Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who is Thinking Whom?

If you think you're thinking your own thoughts, think again.

Months back I saw this woman on the bus. I noticed she was reading an article in a magazine about the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and his fiancée, Katie Holmes. The article claimed they were no longer together. We discussed the article then she got off the bus.

Two days ago, I saw the same woman on my bus. I told her I hadn't seen her for a while. She said she's been using a different route. She said she usually sees me at the bus station but I haven't noticed her. During our journey I reminded her of the article in the magazine and said the magazine appeared to have made the story up.

Yesterday on my way to the bus stop I thought about the same woman and wondered whether I would see her. While I was waiting for my bus another bus arrived which terminated at that station. My friend got off. She walked over to me. I told her I'd been thinking about her. She said she missed her earlier bus. She said after our conversation of the previous day, she ended up reading an article about Tom and Katie's preparation for her childbirth and how she's not supposed to make a sound during childbirth because of their Scientology beliefs. We got on the same bus and chatted until she got off the bus.

While I'm not particularly interested in the intricacies of Tom and Katie's lifestyle, it was lovely speaking to my friend on the bus. It's interesting how Love arranged for us to be together under the guise of my friend missing her bus.

Yesterday evening on my way home on another bus, a man I have never met before sat beside me.

"Hello neighbour," he said
"Hello yourself," I grinned at him, "how are you?"
"I am blessed," he said.
"So am I, each and every moment."

I told him how far I had just travelled from.

"Why didn't you get the tube?" he said.
"I love travelling on buses, besides, I wouldn't have met you, would I?"
"Good point."

He gave me a tract and said if I was ever around the area I could visit his church. On the cover of the leaflet was a picture of a man in a maze. I said to my friend,

"Yeah, sometimes life can seem as if you're stuck in a maze."
"Yes it can, but when you know God is with you, you're never lost," he said.

I said goodbye to my friend.

Later, I watched an episode of StarTrek The Next Generation called Where Silence Has Lease. The Enterprise ship is engulfed by a huge hole that cannot be measured in human terms and is devoid of energy and matter. As far as the crew can make out, there's nothing there. And yet they find themselves stuck in the void. The ship's doctor describes the experience as being "stuck in a maze." They soon realise there is an entity in the void who is studying their reactions. It is also curious to explore how humans die. It kills one of the crew and intends to practise on many more. Rather than watch his crew die, Captain Picard decides to press the auto-destruct mechanism on the ship which would destroy the whole ship and crew in 20 minutes. He and his crew are eventually released from the void just in time.

Here we go again. I meet a man on the bus who gives me a tract. On the cover of the tract is a man caught in a maze. I end up watching an episode of StarTrek where the crew is stuck in a "maze" that feels real but is not.

It appears as if there is only one thinker thinking life. You have a thought and think it is your thought and act upon it only to realise that you are in fact being thought. Mind is the thinker. In a way we are all trapped in Mind that does the thinking for us.

Is there any way of being free of Mind?

Yes, by practising being in silence. Concepts and beliefs are constructs of Mind. In silence there are no concepts or beliefs. Silence frees you from Mind.

Next time you feel the urge to act, be still; you may be acting on thoughts and beliefs within mind, unless of course you share those beliefs. I find pure inspiration comes from Silence.

With love,