Monday, April 10, 2006

Great Expectations

"Infinity chooses," he said. "The art of the warrior-traveler is to have the ability to move with the slightest insinuation, the art of acquiescing to every command of infinity. For this, a warrior-traveler needs prowess, strength, and above everything else, sobriety. All those three put together give, as a result, elegance." (The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda)
A friend I met on New Civilization Network wanted us to meet up as we both live in London. I agreed to meet up in a bookshop at a certain time. My friend didn't know what I look like as I haven't got a photo on my journals so I described what I looked like. I said he would find my head buried in a book as I love reading.

I arrived about 45 minutes early. I figure I would have a browse and wait for my friend. Just as I sat down to have a read I spotted a man rifling through the CDs next to me. I recognised my friend from his photograph. He'd also just arrived. He took me to a local pub so we could have a chat.

My friend was very easy to be with. He's very open, interesting and a lot of fun. We also shared experiences about how all life is interconnected.

He said I wasn't what he expected. He said I was lovely and looked more like a model. I asked him what he expected me to look like. He expected a bookworm with thick glasses, literally with my head buried in a book. He also said that because I come across like someone who watches lots of television, I would be a media type, whatever that is. I teased him that maybe he expected me to have a long robe on and looking very holy. Hahaha. My friend suggested I should put a photo on my journals to give people an idea of what I look like. I showed him an old picture I have on my travel card. He said I should scan it and add it on my blog. I said I'd think about it.

As for people's expectations of me, I'm just being myself. Yes, I have beliefs that I live by, but I also love playing my role as a girl. For instance, yesterday I watched The Tyra Banks Show hosted by the supermodel, Tyra Banks. She shared a beauty tip about applying mascara. If you find you've blotched your mascara, let it dry and then it will flake off. I found that tip very useful as I sometimes wear mascara.

Back to the meeting with my friend. He asked me if I had had any expectations about him. I said no. Actually this is not strictly true, I always have an expectation and it is an expectation about Love. I believe Love is all there is so I wasn't meeting an Internet friend, I was expecting to experience Love in manifestation, though I do not put conditions about how Love should unfold. I just go with the flow. Later, while I was walking my friend to the local tube (underground) station, he said he felt love for everyone around him. I wasn't surprised; Love is all there is.

After my friend had left I headed back to the bookshop. I had picked up a joke book which I wanted to read. There were jokes like:

Patient: Doctor, doctor, I feel like a vampire.
Doctor: Necks, please.

I also picked up one of Doreen Virtue's book to have a browse. An hour or so later a young couple sat beside me. Then I heard clicking sounds. The young man had a camera and was taking pictures of his friend. The camera looked like a proper, photographer's camera. I marvelled at how clever God was to have arranged a photographer to sit next to me. Wouldn't be fun if I had my picture taken? I asked the man if it was a digital camera. He said yes. Was he a photographer? He said his girlfriend was. I told her my friend and I had been talking about me not having a photo on my blog. Could she take my photograph? I would then write about how Love manifests all needs perfectly. The lady agreed. She took a few pictures and said she'll email them to me at some point.

My new friends were such fun to be with. He is from Germany and she's from France. She teaches French and he's a student. He said he was looking for a new place to rent and asked me if I knew of any. I directed him to a certain paper that lists accommodation all over London. He said he was also looking to rent a studio as he's an artist and musician. I suggested where he could look and to check his local library. My friend's website is called Through the Looking Glass. I love it, a woman after my own heart. I write about my experiences in Wonderland and she loves Alice in Wonderland.

Isn't it wonderful how Love meets all our needs perfectly? There's no need to worry about how things are going to work out. Nor is there any point telling Love what's what as Love is all knowing. All I have to do is trust in Love and everyone is blessed. I got my photo taken, I had the information the young man needed, plus, I ended up making wonderful new friends.

I have great expectations that Love is all there is. I am open to the wonderful and amazing ways Love is expressing self.

With love,