Thursday, April 20, 2006

Great News!

A few days ago the Inner Voice told me I was going to have something to celebrate. On the same day I read a friend's post on a website. I responded by congratulating my friend on what I considered to be good news. The next day my brother shared some good news, which I congratulated him about.

The Voice also told me I was going to have some good news. Today I received an email from a friend sharing his good news.

On the one hand, it would seem as if I, personally, have not had something to celebrate. On the other hand, I have because oneness is about realising that there is only One Self; there is only one "I." Therefore, whenever someone has wonderful news it is actually shared by all.

You see when people have good news to share or something to celebrate, they are usually feeling joy. They are not adding to the joy that is already present, as joy is infinite, they are simply being conscious of their nature as infinite joy. One's consciousness of joy has a rippling effect in the whole of the I Am that we all are, and we all experience joy. In other words, we are all being conscious of our nature as joy, we are all being joy. Joy is then made manifest in a way that is appropriate for each individual. For example, joy could manifest as receiving a fun email from a friend, manifesting as an expected gift from someone, feeling joyful for no reason, ad infinitum.

It would seem I'm only privy to good news involving people I am aware of in form. Can you imagine if I was aware of all the good involved in billions of lives, it would probably be too much for me to take. Suffice it to say, one person's good is the good of all. What blesses one blesses all.

It is our birthright to be in love, feel joy and be blissful. And when one is in joy, all is in joy.

Joy, Love and Bliss forever.