Monday, April 24, 2006

House Makeover

"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" (1 Corinthians 6: 19)
The way the interior of a house has been decorated reflects the owner's personality. Even if the person has hired an interior designer or an architect, the professional is expressing his client's personal taste.

When there are several people with different tastes living in the same house, there has to be a compromise otherwise conflict arises.

Usually, a houseguest honours the owner's taste and does not try and change it. I would imagine the only time a guest can try to redecorate to a small extent is when he or she is a guest of a hotel. Otherwise, if you want to change something you're going to wait till you have your own house.

I believe God is all there is and God is perfection. My body is what I consider to be my individual consciousness comprising of spirit, mind, and what appears as the physical body. So if God inhabits this "body" and it is his temple, I expect my body/consciousness to be like God.

Now let's apply the principle of how one's house has been decorated reflects one's personality. In Stop Trying So Hard, I wrote:

There is nothing for you to be or do;
God has got everything covered.
This means God who inhabits the body designs it according to who He is. Thus, one who knows his body is the temple of God doesn't have to do anything but just sit back and enjoy the ride. Just as someone who is into order cannot tolerate disorder in her house, God who is perfect can only express perfection. So when Perfection is one's consciousness, the one with the consciousness expresses perfection effortlessly. By perfection, I don't mean the human idea of perfection as in perfect grammar, or house being neat and tidy, I mean perfection in the spiritual sense when one is expressing that which is beautiful, true, loving, eternal and good.

And as you open more and more to God you find your whole world changes. What you considered to be important from the personality perspective is no longer important. You are always in peace or joy no matter what.

As your mind changes and expresses the peace of God, your physical body is also transformed. What is not of God is dissolved. Beliefs of disease, aging and death are dissolved into nothingness. You manifest bodily perfection.

God also transforms all your human affairs. How they are manifested depend on how God is unfolding in each body/consciousness. If you have a home in the human sense, your home is an extension of God's temple and it is a place of peace and love. If you don't have a home you still extend the love of God wherever you are.

People start to sense something different about you. They may sense a peaceful aura around you. They don't understand why they're drawn to you but they just like being around you.

Instead of inviting a television producer round your house for a house makeover, why not offer your consciousness to God for a full makeover? God expresses what is of Self and dissolves what is not of Self into nothingness.

My body is a temple of God.