Friday, April 21, 2006


Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours,
Just a friendly wave each morning, helps to make a better day.
Neighbours, need to get to know each other, next day is only a footstep away. (Neighbours theme tune)
Last night on my bus journey home, I got chatting to this woman who lives not far from where I used to live; she was even familiar with my current neighbourhood. While we chatted she offered me some sweets. They were yummy. She said she loves sweets and chocolates but she can't eat too much of them as she puts on weight. She's tried various diets. She lost some weight when she ate mostly vegetables and less food but she's put the weight back on. I shared my strategy for eating chocolates: eat them and then forget you've had them.

What doesn't help matters for my friend is her next door neighbours are constantly offering her food. She said recently her Somalian neighbour, celebrating come religious festival, knocked on her door. Her neighbour said that as part of their tradition they have to offer others food. My friend said she wasn't too keen on the soup she was offered, which looked green, and she didn't like the taste either. She chucked it in the bin and told her neighbour she'd enjoyed it. No point offending your neighbour. Hahaha.

Before the Somalian neighbour moved into that house, the previous owners were Chinese who were always giving her food. One day she started seeing cockroaches in her house. She asked her neighbours whether they'd seen any. They said they were besieged by the buggers. It turned out the cockroaches had come from her neighbours house. My friend said she got the exterminators in to sort the cockroaches and stopped eating food from her neighbours; any food she was offered went straight into the bin.

And there are her West Indian neighbours on the other side who are always cooking delicious meals and sending her some. Their food is too delicious to put in the bin.

It's interesting how my friend wants to lose weight yet she keeps getting more food thrown her way. Is it possible my friend is sending out signals of Food rather than wanting to lose weight?

It was an entertaining bus journey anyway.

Neighbours, every body needs good neighbours,
With a little understanding, you can find the perfect plan.
Neighbours, should be there for one another,
That's when good neighbours become good friends. (Neighbours theme tune)
With love,