Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nothing to Be or Do

Yesterday morning I decided to rename an earlier post to Acceptance. When it came to republishing it, it seem to take ages and nothing was happening. At first, I thought it was the computer. I changed computers and wrote another piece called House Makeover, which I tried to publish to no avail. Maybe, it's a network problem in the library. I decided to try the local internet shop. I still couldn't publish my work.

Next I tried Blogger Help. On the Blogger Help Group I discovered other bloggers were having the same problem publishing. It was obviously a problem with the blog provider. I also realised that focusing on the problem was magnifying it. I posted an announcement I had read by the providers about problems with the database and I thanked Blogger for the wonderful service they provide.

I thought about what I’d written in a piece called Stop Trying So Hard!:

There is nothing for you to be or do;
God has got everything covered.
Exactly! God has got everything covered. How that is manifested is none of my concern. It was time to disconnect from the Blogger reality.

In the meantime, I published the House Makeover: article on my other blog at Power to Share. I also chatted on line to some friends on another website.

My mother had asked me to pick up some grocery at the supermarket. After I had finished shopping, I logged on again to check if Blogger was up and running. It was, and my blogs had finally been published.

To recap, whenever there appears to be a "problem" first of all, I accept the situation as it is. I release it to Infinite Intelligence/God and give no thought to the matter. If there is something I need to do I know I will be inspired to do so. And most importantly, I do not fret; I trust that all is well.

There is nothing for me to be or do, God has got everything covered.

With love,