Friday, April 07, 2006

The Path of Love

God is all there is and God is love. Where there is Love there is no fear.

If God is all there is and He is Love, how come the world is not manifesting this love?

Actually, Love is already present it's just that you are not experiencing the magnitude of love because your attention is focused elsewhere. Right now most people are only experiencing the love they believe in which is romantic, friendship, family, personal interests, and kindness to others. The Love I'm talking about is infinite and ever present. In order to experience this Love you have to be aware that Love is ever present.

Because Love is always present this means Love is in all time and in all space. Put another way, there is no time or space, there is only Love.

What do mean "there is no time or space, there is only Love?" There is space otherwise I wouldn't be travelling from A to B. And getting from A to B takes time, so there is time.

Time and space is a belief that distracts you from realising that Love is all there is. In order to experience Love at all times, you're going to have to wipe out the concept of time and space.

This sounds like gobbledygook to me! How can I wipe out something that is so real to me?

By being conscious only of Love. Make it a habit to see every experience, every moment as an act of Love even if it doesn't feel like it on the human level. Start with your job, if you do have one. Whether you like your job or not, you can transmute it into Love.


When you wake up don't think of the day as Monday, see it as Love Day. (See each day as Love Day). You are not in the bathroom you are in the Love room. You are not having a bath or shower you are having a Love bath or shower. You are not having breakfast (if you have one) you are eating Love. If you live with friends they are Love companions; a partner is a Love companion. You are not travelling on the tube, train or bus you are travelling in Love. The people around you are not commuters but Love companions. Your work colleagues are Love companions. Your clients are Love companions. Your job is Love in action. Your emails are Love communications. Your office is Love space. When you go to lunch you are off to do Love. If you are out shopping you are spending with Love and buying Love. Make every experience an act of Love.

Can you now see how Love wipes out time and space?

I see what you mean. There is no place for time and space where there is only Love.

Exactly. Here's Another example of practising seeing all as Love.

Let's say you're planning to meet up with a friend on a particular day. Know that it is not Saturday but Love Day. The time you've arranged to meet up is at Love Hour. If you're travelling by bus to meet your friend, you're travelling by Love. The place you're going to be meeting at is Love. You will be going out to do Love.

OK, so I've transformed all my experiences into Love, how is it going to make me be more loving? How does it change other people's behaviour?

When you see everything as Love you'll begin to see that what you used to find challenging no longer has any power because you've transmuted it into Love, which is the only Power. Don't worry about how this works just trust in Love to do Her job. Stop Trying So Hard!

In a previous piece, I wrote about how I love the sound of Italian. I said while I was watching the film, The Godfather Part II, it didn't matter to me that they were talking about killing people, I was so full of love. I felt like a mother cuddling her baby and giving the baby all her love while her baby is gurgling sweet nothing.

The spiritual path is a path of Love: realising that Love is always present and it is the only power. You then open yourself to experience the allness of Love in Its infinite manifestations just the way God planned it to be.

Love is all there is.


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