Thursday, April 27, 2006

Persistence of God's Presence

"If you would become conscious of my presence, look squarely in my face; stretch your mind and heart and take a long, thorough, independent look. I will be everywhere staring boldly back at you. If you look at the sky you will know that I am blue, if you look at the night you will know that I am black, if you look at a leaf you will know that I am green. If you look at the midday sun I will dazzle you with my brightness. If you look into the eyes of your husband or wife, you will see me twinkle.

"If you look at the ground on which you stand, you will know that it is holy. Every particle of dirt under your feet is a manifestation of my consciousness expressing in matter, and in the microcosmic structure of this dirt exists the unchallenged pattern of my universal perfection. If you could behold these particles of dirt with extended vision, you would see that they are vibrant with my eternal Light."The Door to Everything by Ruby Nelson
I have written elsewhere that there is nothing for me to be or do as God has got everything covered. But we must bear in mind that it is the persistent belief in the universe as material that makes people experience lack, disease and suffering. To reverse the belief in materiality is to persistently live with the awareness that God is all there is, which enables one to experience the world as spiritual.

What do I mean by "to experience the world as spiritual"?

I mean that you don't have to "pass on" to live in a "spiritual plane." In fact, if you still have the belief in the world as material when you've "passed on", you will still have that belief. The Universe is not material and has never been material, it is spirit. We are living in spirit right here and now. We are spirit right here and now.

When you understand God is all there is, you realise that God is unconditioned, meaning God is appearing in limitless ways right here and now. When you persist that no matter what the appearances, God is all there is and God is Love, you will find that what used to harm you in a material sense will not harm you when perceived as spirit. I have had grit in my eye which felt very painful. When I remembered God is all there is, it behaved like spirit grit and stopped stinging. Thus, material grit hurts but spirit grit never hurts. Put another way, spirit grit is the love and light of God and love does not hurt.

When you realise God is all there is, you see the universe as a place where God is communing with self. A week ago I went on a long walk at Richmond Park, which is huge compared to local parks. After I had been walking for a while I felt like sitting by a lake. I wondered where the nearest one was. From a distance I could see a dog running towards me. He jumped at me, wanting to be stroked. The dog was sopping wet. "Aha, so it's your way of telling me there is a lake or pond close by. Thank you doggie." I did find a lake close by.

We have all held the believe in materiality for far too long. We have to persistently live with the awareness that there is nothing but God and let God do the rest. Then your actions are God's actions; and your thoughts are God's thoughts.

Persistence means being permanently in joy and in bliss.

God is all there is.


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