Thursday, April 06, 2006


"Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." (Psalm 27: 14)
Last night while I was waiting for a bus, I noticed a dog outside a supermarket across the road. The dog kept barking and pacing up and down outside the shop. Presumably, his human friend was inside the supermarket. People went in and out of the shop and ignored the dog. The dog barked until his friend came out. Then they walked away, paw in hand, into the sunset. OK, I made the last bit up, but it seemed that way to me. Haha!

I knew the dog had been brought to my attention because I had been pondering the notion of waiting. There are two types of waiting. There is waiting where there is a sense of time passing; and waiting "on the LORD" where there is no time.

The barking dog represents waiting on time. When you're waiting on time you feel impatient, which could distract you from seeing what else is going on around you. The dog, for instance, only had eyes for his human friend. If he'd calmed down he could have had other human attention. Dog-lovers would have gone over to stroke him and play with him. I recently saw an Alsatian sitting outside our local shops. I stroked his head and played with him for a few minutes. The dog outside the supermarket was also an Alsatian. However, a barking Alsatian isn't exactly approachable. I wouldn't have wanted to play with him either.

Waiting in an impatient way, when you feel as if things are taking ages, clouds your judgment. You are only open to what you think is possible and can't see there are many other ways of experiencing such and such. It is possible that while you appear to be waiting there is something you're meant to witness in response to your life quest. You won't see it if you're busy fretting.

What does it mean to wait on God? I believe only God exists. Since there is only God, everything we see is God. There is, therefore, no space but God, and no time but God. Put another way, God is eternity and He has split himself into little pieces to experience all that He is. Here's another way of looking at eternity.

I use Internet shops a lot. There is one I go to that has about 150 computers. Let's say there was only one computer in the shop and the shop was open for 12 hours a day, they are only going to provide Internet service for 12 hours. Instead, the proprietor fills the shop with 150 computers, which provides 1800 hours of service. This also means lots of customers. The proprietor can afford to take on more staff to serve their customers. This particular Internet shop is located in central London and attracts lots of tourists, so it's always busy.

Now the Internet shop represents the totality of God, eternity. God has split himself into infinite pieces so all the pieces can enjoy being all that God is.

So when you wait on God, you're simply being aware that all there is is God. Therefore, every moment you have all the resources you could possibly need because God is always present in one form or another. When you start dreaming you're experiencing time, you're not able to see the truth as it is. You could be waiting for love and failing to see how you're being loved in so many different ways.

When you wait on God, you are open to infinite possibilities. You are never lonely because there are always companions around you to talk to and play with. You could still have friends and loved ones who are special but you don't sit around pining like that dog when they are not around. You enjoy every moment because you know God/love is always present.

If you believe you have time to wait, you must be barking mad.


A Disclaimer:

Please note this piece is not against barking dogs. Dogs are free to bark as loud as they like.
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