Friday, April 07, 2006


I had an interesting dream last night - I dreamt I was Sleeping Beauty.

In the fairy tale of the same name a king and queen gave birth to their long awaited daughter. They asked 7 fairies to become the princess' godmothers. One ugly fairy who hadn't been asked turned up to the princess' christening. She was very upset she wasn't invited to the ceremony. The king apologised and invited her to dinner though it was too late to let her have a nice dish cover as the other fairies. Soon, it was time for the fairies to offer their gifts to the princess by predicting what attributes the princess would have such as beauty, wit, and grace. When it came to the ugly fairy's turn, out of spite for not being invited, she said the princess would one day pierce her hand with a spindle and die. Fortunately for the princess, there was another good fairy who was yet to give her gift. Although she couldn't undo the ugly fairy's spell she said the princess was still going to pierce her hand with a spindle but would not die. Instead, the princess would fall asleep for many years and then be woken up by a prince.

Despite her parents taking precautions by destroying all spindles in the kingdom, the princess ended up piercing her hand with a spindle and fell asleep. The good fairy who had foretold this future arrived at the palace. She knew that the princess will find it upsetting to wake up one day and find everyone she knew had gone so she decided to put everyone in the palace to sleep, including her parents. Many years later, just as the fairy had foretold, a handsome prince turned up. He kissed the princess' hand and she woke up. They fell in love and got married.

In my dream I saw myself asleep as Sleeping Beauty. I could also see my prince fighting his way through the forests to get to the palace where I was asleep. Then my prince arrived, kissed my cheek, and I woke up.

I believe when you wake up to reality, you realise God/Love is all there is.

Thank you my prince for waking me up from my deep slumber.