Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Whirlpool of Love

"The spiritual path for me is a constant process of remembering that life is Spirit; that there is only one Self appearing and the Self is Spirit. This means kicking the old habit of self-forgetting. In other words, thinking like a mortal. For instance, I don't rush to a chemist if I feel a twinge; I apply what I know of my nature that I am Spirit. It doesn't matter what my body is doing, I keep going because I know that the Intelligence that quickens my body is the one Self that is Spirit. In other words, if you want to experience life in India, you have to live in India." Self-Remembering
Love is the only power.

I've found old habits and beliefs resurface from time to time to be transmuted into Love. All I have to do is let it happen.

For instance, in the last 24 hours I appear to have been straddling two realities: one of pain and the other of total bliss. Two nights ago I started getting stomach pain. As I was in bed at the time I focused on my true self that is Love. I felt myself being enveloped in profound peace and stayed in bliss for hours. Then I fell asleep.

When I woke up yesterday morning, the stomach pain was still there, but there was a power within me that got me out of bed and was moving me. I sent emails as usual, communicated with friends online, and went about my affairs. At the same time was this nagging pain. On my bus journey I went into myself and focused on the Love that I am.

Last night I felt this energy appearing to come from within me, spinning like a whirlpool. As I focused on it I felt the pain dissolving into the whirlpool and it was gone.

I have found that the Love has been sustaining me. In the last two days I've only had a bowl of cereal and some chocolate. I also find recently I've only needed one meal a day late at night.

Love is all there is.


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