Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Aha! I See the Light

Isn't technology wonderful? I can download pictures from the Internet or take instant digital pictures which can be uploaded on the Net. Then comes the fun part when you can play around with the picture or photo to appear the way you want it to appear.

A slight digression.

Patient to cosmetic surgeon: "Will you please make me look like what's her name, the supermodel?"

Surgeon: "Er...I'll try, but you do realise these models have photo editors who are paid to make their pictures look perfect, right?"

Meanwhile back on planet Enocia, I'm going to do a little experiment with my photo.

First I double click on the photo. Then I make sure the colour is on Automatic.

What happens when I reduce the Contrast and Brightness to 0%?
There's this black frame. OK.

What about when I increase the Contrast and Brightness to 100%?
It appears white.

How about when I leave the Contrast at 50% but increase the Brightness to 100%?
It's still white.

And when I leave the Brightness at 50% and increase the Contrast to 100%?
It comes out dark, like a negative version of the actual photograph.

I can also play around with the colour on the photograph. I can make it black and white, or any colour I fancy.

Whether the picture is visible or invisible, dark or light, it doesn't change the real image which is always perfect.

Very interesting. Hold me back someone, I think I'm having another one of my Aha moments.


Where was I? My point is image control represents life experiences and our beliefs, while the photo represents the one Self/God. While adjusting the Contrast and Brightness controls can make life interesting and create new experiences, underneath Self remains the same.

Who exactly makes the adjustments? Self does.

When you realise that you are the Self, you also realise it is You giving yourself these experiences.

Now, fiddling with the image controls can also make my image appear invisible. This is the key to those who are believed to have ascended from this realm. In truth, they're still here it's just they have so much more light that they are not visible to us. Yet they are still having experiences and being who they are.

Wow! This is brilliant! No pun intended! :-)