Friday, May 19, 2006

The Game of Plugging In

When you plug into electricity, there is a continuous flow of electricity. Just because a light bulb doesn't work doesn't mean there's no electricity flowing. Just remove the bulb and touch the base and you'll soon find out. The only time an electricity stops flowing is when you've switched it off or it's been disconnected from the main energy grid.

What is my point?

There is an Energy grid that I can plug into at any time. This is my essence. It doesn't matter what my beliefs are, what I think I know, what my actions have been in the past, what my future plans are, my successes or failures; I can plug in now and enjoy my essence. Plug In
So I noticed a rash on my arm last night. While I wasn't going to focus on the cause and try and remove it, I remembered to plug in. I visualised my feet like the roots of a tree connecting to the soil that is Infinite Love. I felt a rush of energy in me and around me. I woke up this morning and saw the rash had disappeared.

In a related article I wrote:

Thoughts create static, a temporary disconnection from the Energy of One.

When I am plugged into the Universe, I am pure Energy. You know something, my walk is different. I am gliding and each movement is a joy; gaiety in action. I am a squirrel that hops about with hardly a sound. You only know a squirrel is about when you hear a crackle or two." Plug In - 2
In truth, I am always plugged in. I am the totality of the Infinite One that is Love. However, the human experience is constantly distracting one from the truth that you are plugged in. Thoughts, beliefs and fears "create" statics which make you believe you're not connected, and experience things in parts. Because you don't appear to be seeing the whole picture, you panic and project a future based, as you see it, on your perception of the present.

Until you are always aware that you're always plugged in, it is necessary to practise playing the "game of plugging in" by any means necessary. My means include reminding myself that "Love is all there is"; being in silence; I visualise my hand like a plug being connected; I imagine myself as a tree; I see myself as light, etc, etc.

I am always plugged in.


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