Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Giver or Getter?

Are you a giver or a getter?

Is every moment an opportunity to give or to see what you can get?

Giving and getting seems to be two sides of the same coin. Giving makes you feel as if you have more than enough; while getting makes you feel as if you never have enough.

When you're coming from a place of giving, you're one with giving. You are giving, you are given, all is giving, all is given.

When you're coming from the place of getting, you're one with getting. You are getting, you are out to get, all is getting, all is out to get.

Giving and getting are states of consciousness one can choose to live from. There is no judgment either way. In other words, I won't stop being Love if I choose to give or get because nothing can be taken away from or added to the Love that I AM.

I choose to give.

I give, I am given, all is giving, all is given.