Monday, May 15, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action! Even More New Joy

"Life is spontaneous. Every moment is totally brand new. While it seems as if I'm walking down the same old street, riding on the same old buses, writing about the same old topic and recalling the same old memory, every moment is brand new. Thus, every time I see something or remember an experience it is always from a brand new perspective." Ever New Joy
So there I was sitting in a bookshop browsing. A man came up to me and said something. It was my friend whom I haven't seen in a while. We hugged. He said while he was on a bus he felt something pulling him towards the bookshop and had a feeling I was in there, so he came looking for me. He recently went to the Spiritual Cinema Festival by Sea. He shared his photos with me. He asked me if I fancied taking a walk to a park close by. I said yes.

Right now my friend is exploring who he is through studying spiritual literature, attending courses, and healing. We talked about how he is feeling and his recent healing experience. My friend's healer is Stephen Turoff whose lecture I attended years ago. Stephen is a devotee of Sai Baba. Funnily enough, my mother's doctor is also a devotee of Sai Baba.

As we strolled round the park, my friend said he felt as if he was experiencing the park for the first time. Maybe it was because he was with me. I told him that I experience everything as new. That's why I never get bored doing the same old stuff because each time it's experienced from a new perspective.

My friend had to attend a screening at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) of a short film he was in recently called "Popo Gigi: A Tribute" which will have its World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this week. He said he couldn't invite me because it was for cast and crew only. I had no problem with that. I figured I would stay with him until the screening.

At the ICA, my friend introduced me to fellow cast members and it was fun meeting them. The producer, writer, and star of the show was the spitting image of Sai Baba!! My friend asked the producer whether I could attend the screening. The producer said if there were seats available I was welcome. Although I wasn't too fussed about attending, I knew I would have a seat. There's no way the Universe would let me be at this place with my friend and not provide a seat for me. After the producer had given out tickets to the cast and crew he had a few to spare, so he gave me one. Now I was really attending the film screening. What a day this was turning out to be!

Here's what the film, Popo Gigi: A Tribute is about.

"A 'Bollywood' legend comes to London to tread the boards in Shakespeare, but first he must find a leading lady equal to his charm and sexual dynamism. He brings with him his (not so) faithful sidekick Ramyou Balti and his spiritual advisor the Honourable Guru Baboo to help him in the task of selecting his Juliette and recruits his Harley Street IVF specialist, Doc Schmuck, to marshal the hordes of actresses who apply for the audition. However, Popo Gigi's eloquence and magnetism is such that as soon as he delivers the first line of Shakespeare, the actresses melt into paroxysms of sexual ecstasy and forget to act, instead divesting themselves of their clothes...." The film flyer.
Time for a wee digression.

A few days ago, an Internet friend wrote about how he was admitted in the hospital and realised he was there to uplift others. I responded by posting a story I'd written three years ago about the last time I was in hospital. At the time I found myself being uplifted and uplifting others. One patient who was mad about Shakespeare had the Complete Works of Shakespeare with him. While my arm was connected to the drip, I asked him to read some Shakespeare. He read the Sonnet:

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate... Sonnet 18.
Fast forward to the film screening. he first line of Shakespeare Popo Gigi delivers to the actresses is the same one my friend read to me at the hospital. Surreal or what!

There was so much joy among the crew and cast which comes across in the film. My friend played the role of a transvestite. I couldn't quite work out what he was doing but who cares. It was good to see him in women's clothes for a change. The film is laugh out loud funny, silly, witty and delightfully entertaining, just my kind of film. I loved it.

The making of the film/documentary was even more entertaining. The producer said he was at a party half-drunk and met the director who was just as sloshed. He shared his idea for a short film with the director which he said he wanted shown at the Cannes Film Festival; and they took it from there. The director met the makeup artist on a plane trip where he found himself next to her. They got into a conversation, realised they worked in the same industry, and swapped details. When this film came up, he asked her to join the project.

What a day! Today a film screening, tomorrow a movie premiere, perhaps? All things are possible, you just have to be open.

In Ever New Joy,