Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Living in the Present Moment - In Practice

When you realise there is only one Self experiencing life, you're aware that this moment is the only moment, the only time there is. So you focus all your attention in the present moment knowing all the resources you need exist right here and now.

The other day just before I got on the bus I noticed the driver was having problems starting the engine. When he finally got it going I could hear the engine wasn't purring at it should. Or rather, I was still stuck in the past. At each stop the driver had to rev the engine to get it going. A few stops down, the engines packed up. As I was sitting right at the back, I looked back to see if another bus was approaching. Then I thought to myself, "What are you doing looking to the past. All we need to get this engine going exists right now, I only have to stay in the present moment." I gave the engine no further thought and stayed in silence. After a few minutes, the driver got the engine going. Not once did the engine conk out after that.

Yesterday I went to the Tate Modern. As the lift lobby was very crowded, I decided to walk up the stairs. Now I was only going up one flight but the steps are very steep and seem to go on forever. I decided to approach it by staying in the present. I kept my eyes down and focused only on one step at a time. It was effortless. When I got up to the next floor, I felt as if nothing had happened.

When I fret I'm saying that there are many moments that need my attention. A divided attention means divided energy. But when I know there is only the present moment, I have access to all power right now.

There are limitless opportunities to practise living in the present moment. For instance, when I'm walking towards a traffic light, instead of thinking about the light changing, I only acknowledge it when I need to cross.

Does this mean one shouldn't make plans? If there is anything I need to be aware of, I will know as all time exists right now.

There is only the one present moment - NOW.