Friday, May 12, 2006

The Mirror Image Experiment

I see myself as a scientist and life as an experiment. Like any good scientist I perform repeated experiments before jumping to a tentative conclusion. I say "tentative" because I always keep an open mind as I'm constantly receiving new data. Following is one such experiment.


The purpose of this experiment is to show how life mirrors back to you your thoughts. Note I'm not referring to beliefs but thoughts.


One of my favourite films is The Abyss.

"The ballistic missile submarine USS Montana sinks under mysterious circumstances. The doomed boat settles on a ledge several hundred feet deep and on the edge of an even deeper ocean abyss. US Navy SEALS are brought in to salvage the sub's missiles and an experimental civilian deep water oil-drilling rig is commandeered to help. All goes well until the SEAL leader suffers from high pressure madness and the rig is visited by the "Non-Terrestrial Intelligence" that apparently lives in the abyss. The ensuing struggle results in a race against time to prevent World War III and a reunion between the estranged couple that designed and operate the oil rig."
The first time the crew encounter the alien intelligence that live in the abyss, the aliens appear as water. However, the aliens try to communicate by mirroring back whatever the humans are doing. When someone smiles at the entity, the entity shapeshifts into an identical smile.

At one point the leader, Bud, has to dive deep into the abyss. He ends up running out of oxygen and knows he's going to die. While he's lying at the bottom of the ocean, an alien entity appears to rescue him. Bud discovers a world of light entities at the bottom of the ocean. The alien returns Bud to the submarine in no time, and the aliens also raise the submarine to the surface. All's well that ends well.

I believe the aliens in the abyss represent our one true self/mind that is free of concepts, beliefs, and thoughts. It is the stillness, inner silence, that we all are.


I have observed that ideas emerging from the silence/true self arise spontaneously. These ideas are then mirrored back verbatim as identical ideas, forms and experiences. Let me reiterate that what is mirrored to you is not your beliefs as that is of the counterfeit mind. Our real mind is beyond beliefs.

I have had untold demonstrations of ideas from Silence mirrored back verbatim. Here are a few examples that occurred recently.

A few days ago I had a passing thought of an old college friend I haven’t seen in two years. The next day I saw her while I was waiting for a bus. I wasn't that surprised because I don’t usually wait at that bus stop at that particular time of day. I told my friend I had thought of her the day before. I couldn’t chat for long as my bus was approaching.

Two days ago my mother had to leave the house early because she had an appointment. She asked me if I could wait for the post as she was expecting an important document which had to be signed for. While I was waiting I switched the television on. On one channel was Xena: Warrior Princess. I used to watch this years ago. I watched the opening sequence which I think is brilliant then I continued channel hopping. On another channel was a programme called Touched by an Angel which I've never seen before. As I liked the sound of the title I decided to see what it was about. In the next scene a young boy was asking a postman if he had anything for him as he was expecting an important package which he had to sign for. Blimey!

On my way out later as I was walking to the bus stop, a car pulled up beside me. A man asked me if I was interested in buying a cheap laptop from him. I said no. I chuckled to myself that the laptop was probably red hot; glowing to my spiritual eye. The car turned round and sped away. Interestingly enough at the end of the street was a police car.

I'd been having an ongoing dialogue with a friend on the Internet. Part of his response to my last post was:

"Still, I believe we have somewhat of a compass in our hearts. When we see true love demonstrated, something in us goes, "Yes...that's the way it should be." We can tell when someone is trying to con us - if we are pure in heart. However, if we are not pure in heart, we are wide open to being conned - because we are looking for something and would take it by dishonest means if that's what it came to."
Aha, the man in the car trying to flog me a cheap laptop was a mirror image of my friend's comment. I certainly know a red hot laptop when I see one.

On the same day while I was working on a piece for my blog, I thought of using the expression: "their gazes locked." Out of curiosity I thought I'd Google it and see what comes up. The first link that caught my eye was called Only One. It was an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. Unbelievable!

Later on the bus I noticed a billboard advert for the mobile phone company "Orange." Their slogan reads: "The future is bright, the future is orange." A man got on at the next stop. He had the brightest orange jacket I’ve ever seen. Naturally, he found it necessary to sit next to me. Hahaha.

I have noticed that when I think "Thank You" I end up hearing it all around me in the form of experiences where I am either thanking people, people are thanking me, or one another.

The wonderful thing about living from the consciousness of the self is you are always in joy so ideas emerge from joy.


It would seem that our true self/mind is free of concepts and beliefs. One way our real Self expresses self is by mirror image where ideas are mirrored as identical ideas, thought-forms and experiences.

Any good scientist will also realise that you have to keep an open mind as in Self all things are possible.

Enocia Joseph, Bsp Hons, CIO, MDM, MJB, phDMI,
Department of Theophany
University of the Cosmos, UK campus

NB: Bsp = Bachelor of spirituality; CIO = Certificate in Observation; MDM = Master of Divine Manifestation; MJB = Master in Joy and Bliss; phDMI = Diploma in Mirror Image Phenomena


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